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Top 10 Most Affordable Online Nursing Degree Programs

online-nursing-schoolsCombining convenience with the same high quality education that you can get from on-campus learning, online education is becoming an increasingly popular choice in and outside of the medical profession. That’s why every year countless students sign up for online nursing programs. But with the rapidly rising cost of education, finding affordable online colleges is becoming increasingly difficult. Below you’ll find the top ten accredited nursing programs with some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation.

Western Governors University ($2,890/6 mo.)
Western Governors University Logo
With two undergraduate and four masters programs, Western Governors University offers virtually every type of nursing degrees. This includes a B.S. in Nursing for both registered and non-registered nurses, a masters in nursing education for registered and non-registered nurses, a masters in nursing management or leadership, and finally an MBA in healthcare management. With a cumulative curriculum spanning 120 credit hours, completing your study from Western Governors University will take most students four years.

Baker College Online ($215/credit)
Baker College
Offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), students of Baker College Online start off their quest for a degree with an intro course called “College Success Online” designed to help attendees get the most out of their online education. Students of Baker College must also finish many of the same general education courses of students from more traditional universities in order to help ensure proficiency inside and outside of their field. As a four year program, Baker College Online’s BSN is designed specifically for students who already work in nursing, as all students are required to be registered nurses while they take courses.

Indiana State University ($286 in-state, $358 out of state)
Indiana State University logo
The ISU Human and Health Services program has nearly a dozen degrees in the field of nursing, including Nursing RN to BSN. Additionally, students are able to take on a minor alongside their nursing studies and may even continue on to a graduate program in Nursing Education or Administration. Apart from offering a comprehensive college education, ISU offers both standard 4-year track programs and accelerated BS programs for those with previous college experience. However, it’s important to note that ISU requires applicants to complete high school with a GPA of 2.5 or above as well as meeting English and math standards as determined by preliminary exams, and that not every ISU program is available in every state.

Liberty University Online ($325/credit hour)
Liberty University logo
If you’re looking for a B.S. in Nursing and are already working as a registered nurse, Liberty University Online may have exactly what you need. Like most of the schools of this list, Liberty University Online requires that students work as nurses while in the program in order to help develop their clinical abilities. But what makes Liberty University Online stand out is that all programs are taught from the Christian worldview, and that’s part of the reason why Liberty Online University is proud that their instructors view their profession as a calling more than a means of employment.

University of Wyoming ($4,400/year in-state, $14,100/year out of state)
University of Wyoming seal
The world renowned Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing offers RN to BSN programs that enable graduates to either begin working immediately or pursue further education to the baccalaureate level. While applicants to this program need a 2-year degree in nursing in order to be accepted, students are able to complete all requisite nursing courses in as little as a year, depending on the extent of their previous education. Moreover, there’s no mandatory clinical component, the entire program can be completed online, and year-round admission means you can begin your education at virtually any time.

Walden University ($300/credit)
Walden University logo
With exceptionally affordable nursing programs, including a B.S. in Nursing for registered nurses, Walden University enables students to work on undergraduate and graduate degrees in parallel, enabling graduates to get the a fast-track for career success. For instance, graduates of a B.S. in a nursing program can continue on to achieve a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Walden University also allows accelerated graduation for students who have experience working as a registered nurse. However, applicants should be aware that while a nursing degree is not required to enroll in the BSN program, applicants to graduate programs must have firsthand nursing experience to be accepted.

Drexel University ($569/credit)
Drexel University
With a huge variety of certificates and degrees for healthcare professionals of all kinds, Drexel University is has more than built a legacy of helping students earn their nursing degrees with both an RN to BSN program as well as an RN to MSN program. Apart from learning all everything you’ll need to know about nursing, study at Drexel emphasizes a rigorous and well-rounded education that incorporates humanities, microbiology, physiology and English. Best of all, new students are able to lock in their tuition rate for up to three years, protecting them from the tuition hikes while pursuing their degree. It’s also worth noting that acceptance to Drexel University requires an RN license, a college GPA above 2.5, and a 2-year nursing degree.

Colorado Christian University ($380/credit)
Colorado Christian University
Much like Liberty University Online, Colorado Christian University is a Christian institution with a special emphasis on medical degrees. Graduates must complete at least 120 credit hours including 28 in nursing, 12 in biological science, 42 general education credits, and an additional 38 for the RN license. Furthermore, most Colorado Christian University courses are available in 5-week online blocks. While this makes Colorado Christian University one of the fastest and most affordable programs on this list, it’s worth noting that applicants must be prepared with two letters of recommendation, preferably from those who have worked the applicant in the medical field.

Brigham Young University ($4,710/year)
Brigham Young University seal
As a Latter-day Saints institution, Brigham Young University offers both on-campus and online classes or registered nurses in a program specifically designed to improve on existing nursing knowledge and expand the graduate’s employment opportunities. The RN to BSN program takes only 3-6 semesters to complete, depending on previous education, and prepares students for careers in both designing and administering care. Additionally, the RN to BSN program is accessible year-round, allowing students to work at their own pace towards graduation.


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