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Top 50 National Scholarships Available for Nursing Students


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The registered nurse profession ranks as the hottest in’s overview of hot jobs for 2014 with an estimated healthcare industry growth rate of 29%.[1]. This is partly due to the significant number of aging Baby Boomers. If you’re considering starting a nursing-related profession or getting further education in your existing nursing career, here is a list of 50 of the top-paying national scholarships.

Methodology for selection:

  • National scholarships, with no state/ regional requirements, aimed at nursing students attending an American college.
  • Only undergrad (associate or bachelor’s), master’s, or doctoral candidates nursing scholarships with an explicitly stated award amount or stipend have been included.
  • Scholarships listed here do not require being an employee of the awarding body, but may require a period of service or employment after graduation. E.g., Army Medicine or USAF ROTC.

Only partial scholarship details are presented. Please read scholarship application requirements carefully, as some criteria include a service or employment commitment after graduation. Take note of scholarship application deadline dates before applying. Most of the following scholarships only take applications during a certain part of the year and details are sometimes removed until the application period opens. Note that scholarship amounts and availability are subject to change.

Scholarships with Group Affiliation Requirements

Scholarships Requiring Subsequent Service or Employment

  • U.S. Army AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning ProgramRequirements include being a U.S. citizenship, age requirements, GPA >= 3.0 and other test score minimums, as well other criteria. Up to $9,000 per year for tuition; up to $1K for books; full pay and allowance and eligibility for promotions.
  • U.S. Army Active Nurse Corps Candidate ProgramRequirements include being a U.S. citizen, completing B.Sc. within 6-24 months of acceptance, passing the NCLEX-RN exam then serving a a commission as an Army Nurse Corps officer. Award includes $5000 starting bonus, $5000 graduation bonus, and a $1000 monthly stipend during full-time enrollment in a Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.
  • HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship ProgramRequirements include being enrolled in a nursing degree (bachelor’s, graduate, associate) or diploma program. Award covers tuition and eligible fees, plus certain costs (books, clinical supplies / instruments, uniforms) and pays a monthly stipend of about $1,300 (varies by year). Two year paid service requirement in an HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area) region.
  • U.S. Army Reserve Nurse Corps Specialized Training Assistance ProgramOver $2000 monthly stipend. Requirements include being currently enrolled in an accredited bachelor’s of nursing program and serving in the Army Reserve for one year for every six months or less of financial assistance.

Undergraduate or Higher Scholarships

  • CKSF Tuition Back ScholarshipRequirements include attending an American undergrad program (U.S. and international students) including nursing. Award is $100 or more, unless winner is attending a member school, in which case it’s $1,000.
  • Caroline E. Holt Nursing ScholarshipRequirements include being enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. One award of $1,000.
  • Barbara Rhomsberg Excellence in Nursing ScholarshipRequirements include being a non-traditional undergrad student (i.e., postponed college degree after high school for 3+ years, or had college career interrupted) pursing an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. One award of $1,000.
  • A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation ScholarshipRequirements include being enrolled in an associate’s, bachelor’s or grad-level nursing degree program (or social sciences-related major) with a career objective to work with senior citizens. Five awards at $1,000.
  • ONS Foundation Bachelor’s ScholarshipRequirements include being enrolled in the senior year of a bachelor’s of nursing degree program (NLN or CCNE accredited). One award of up to $2000.
  • Cherokee Uniforms A Nurse I Am ScholarshipRequirement details published each November. Multiple awards of $2,000 — one per winning applicant.
  • Hurst Review Services – AACN ScholarshipApplicants should be enrolled in a bachelor’s nursing program. Two scholarships of $2,500 each are awarded twice a year.
  • AfterCollege / AACNApplicants should be registered in/ seeking a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing, with extra points to those planning on being a nurse educator, or those completing an RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN program, or in an accelerated program. One $2,500 scholarship per quarter.
  • Charles Kunz Memorial Undergraduate ScholarshipRequirement details published during application period. One award of $3,000.
  • Medical Professionals of Tomorrow ScholarshipRequirements include being enrolled in an accredited 2- or 4-year school pursuing a medical profession, including nursing, at the time of the award. Three award amounts: $500, $1000, $3500.
  •’s Annual Nurse Education ScholarshipRequirements include being a U.S. citizen and either a full- or part-time nursing student (undergrad or higher) in an accredited school or a part- or full-time working registered nurse. One award of $5,000.
  • — AACN ScholarshipApplicants have a minimum 3.2 GPA and be in a bachelor’s of nursing or higher program – either be at an AACN member institution affiliated with, or submit application through Two awards of $5,000, four times per year.
  • Tylenol Future Care ScholarshipRequirements include being an undergrad or graduate nursing student. Up to $10K for each of 40 scholarship winners per year.
  • NCIN ProgramRequirements include being in an underrepresented group in nursing, or being “economically disadvantaged,” as well as being a second-career nurse — i.e., have switched from a previous career to nursing. Schools of Nursing need to apply for to NCIN for funding, after which students (bachelor’s, master’s) apply to their school. One or more awards of $10,000 each.
  • U.S. Air Force ROTC Three- and Four-Year Nursing ScholarshipsNumerous requirements apply. Nursing is one of several majors that students can apply to ROTC scholarships for 3- and 4-year periods. Type 2 scholarships cover tuition and other fees up to $18K per year, and a book allowance. Type 1 covers full tuition, fees, and book allowance.

Master’s or Higher Scholarships

Doctoral-only Scholarships

Additional References:

[1] – The 8 Hottest Jobs of 2014.


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