30 Top National Scholarships for Nursing

30 Top National Scholarships for Nursing

The top national scholarships available to nursing students are a way to get free money to pay for your nursing degree. Working nurses have a lot of pressures on them: long hours, fast pace, and literal life-and-death responsibility – and that’s just on the job. Add the pressures of licensure, continuing education, family obligations, and every other necessity in modern life, and going back to school for a higher degree might seem like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Yet, despite all of their challenges, thousands of nurses go back to school every year to earn their BSN, move up into an MSN to become a Nurse Practitioner, forensic nurse, or another advanced practice specialist, or even go all the way to earn their Doctor of Nursing Practice (as a nurse anesthetist, for example) or PhD.

Nurses have enough to worry about without having to worry about how to pay for their higher degree. That’s why Nursing School Hub has put together a list of the best national nursing scholarships. This guide (not a ranking, because there’s no reason for scholarships to be in competition) covers scholarships at every level of nursing, from undergraduate to doctoral, and offers opportunities for nurses from every region, background, and specialization.

Methodology for Choosing the Best National Scholarships Available to Nursing Students

  • National scholarships, with no state/regional requirements, are aimed at nursing students attending an American college. Only undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral candidate’s nursing scholarships with an explicitly stated award amount or stipend have been included.
  • Scholarships listed here do not require being an employee of the awarding body but may require a period of service or employment after graduation (ie the USAF ROTC scholarship).
  • Please read scholarship application requirements carefully, as some criteria include a membership, service, or employment commitment.

Featured Programs

Nursing is perennial, but scholarships are not; take note of scholarship application deadline dates before applying. Most of the following scholarships only take applications during a certain part of the year and details are sometimes removed until the application period opens. Note that scholarship amounts and availability are subject to change.

1. A Nurse I Am Scholarship

Sponsor: Cherokee Uniforms

Cherokee Uniforms offers one of many scholarships for nursing students with the A Nurse I Am Scholarship. They offer one scholarship of $2,000 per year. The individual must be currently enrolled in nursing school. Students must write an essay of 300-word essay about a prompt that is provided by Cherokee. The prompt changes every year. The winner will be announced by April 30, 2019. The applicant must be currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program within the 50 US states.

Cherokee Uniforms started this scholarship in 2007 to address all the nurses that leave the field within their first few years of nursing. Cherokee was also hoping to inspire more individuals to become nurses. The Nurse I Am program started as two separate videos about previous winners of the scholarship intended to motivate and encourage others into becoming nurses.

Deadline: March 31
Award: $2,000

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2. A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship

Sponsor: A Place for Mom

A Place for Mom is offering a scholarship to students that have an interest in employment centered on gerontology and aging. The A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship is available to students who are citizens or permanent residents of the US or Canada, not Quebec, and are currently enrolled in an accredited school. The scholarship award is $2,000 that is given directly to the school. All submissions must be received by A Place for Mom no later than May 1. Students must submit an essay or a video that answers one of the following questions: What are the most important life lessons that you have learned from a grandparent or other senior in your life? How will you use the lessons learned from them in your future career in working with seniors?

The essay must be 400 to 700 words and can be submitted via email. The video must include an interview of the Senior by the applicant, or the applicant must share a story about life lessons learned from a Senior. The video should be two to three minutes. A Place for Mom Senior Care is one of the largest referral services for senior living. They understand the value of educating and training future leaders in senior care.

Deadline: May 1
Award: $2,000

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3. AAOHN Scholarships

Sponsor: AAOHN

AAOHN offers three different scholarships to students interested in making a difference in the health and safety of workers. The Liberty Leadership and the Annette Haag Leadership Scholarship are intended for licensed nurses in the occupational health and environmental field. This nurse should be dedicated to providing improved workplace health and safety. These awards help to ensure the continuation of the occupational health nursing profession. Each scholarship offers one award for $1,500. The Liberty Leadership Scholarship is to be used for leadership education. The Annette Haag Leadership Scholarship is to be used for costs associated with attending the AAOHN National Conference. Professional Development Scholarships is intended to support a health professional in the occupational and environmental field while attending continuing education courses. There is one award for $1,500.

The AAOHN was created in 1997 to help occupational and environmental health professionals improve the health and safety of workers by eliminating injuries in the workplace. The deadline for submission for all AAOHN awards is January 1.

Deadline: Jan 1
Award: $1500-$2500

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4. AfterCollege/AACN $10,000 Scholarship Fund

Sponsor: AfterCollege/AACN

The AfterCollege – AACN $10,000 Scholarship Fund is awarded each quarter. The scholarship deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31. Each award is $2,500, which is $10,000 total in award potential. This award is for students seeking a degree at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level in nursing. There is special consideration given to those earning a graduate-level degree with an interest in becoming an educator in nursing. These students must be enrolled in an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) institution. Applicants must also be registered members of aftercollege dot com and must be legal residents in the 50 US states.

AfterCollege is an organization that helps students and new graduates find internships and entry-level employment. They have a network of professionals and a robust search algorithm to help make the proper connections between students and potential employers.

Deadline: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31
Award: $10,000

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5. ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships

Sponsor: ANNA

American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) offers multiple scholarships to students interested in pursuing a career in nursing. These annual awards are for individuals who are current members of ANNA and enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or advanced nursing degree program. There are five ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships, each one is $2,000. One Janel Parker Career Mobility Scholarship is $2,500. Also, there are three NNCC Career Mobility Scholarships at $3,000. There is one Dare to Soar Career Mobility Scholarship at $1,000. The applicant must have three letters of recommendation and submit a 250-word essay outlining his or her career goals. Any individual that is awarded a scholarship must provide proof of successful progress by report card, or transcript to ANNA.

ANNA is dedicated to improving its members’ lives with education, networking, and advocacy. They have committed to advancing nursing in nephrology with educational programs and services. ANNA members are patient advocates who are mentors and lobbyists for improvements in nephrology.

Deadline: Varies
Award: $1000-$3000

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6. Barbara Rhomsberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship

Sponsor: B4 Brands

B4 Brands offers the Barbara Rhomsberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to full-time, but nontraditional students obtaining an undergraduate degree in nursing. BA Brands considers a nontraditional student to be one who is entering college later and not directly upon graduating high school. There must be at least a three-year gap between when the applicant graduated high school and enrolled in college. This is a one-time award of $1,000 that is sent directly to the school for the fall semester. No applications are accepted before March 1. All applications must be postmarked by March 31 and the awards are announced by April 20.

B4 brands have been in business since 2003. They are committed to blending caring for the environment with wellness and infection control. They blend the earth’s natural chemistry with their products to protect the global community against illness.

Deadline: March 31
Award: $1,000

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7. Bethesda Nursing Student Scholarships

Sponsor: Bethesda Foundation

The Bethesda Foundation offers Bethesda Nursing Student Scholarships. These scholarships are open to all Bethesda School of Nursing students. The applications must be submitted by June for students to be considered for this scholarship.

The Bethesda Foundation is a self-funded organization that relies on the support and monetary donations from people who have the same desire and goals as the foundation. They are committed to helping individuals improve their quality of life. They provide their caregivers with the tools and resources needed to ensure they provide the best care possible. The foundation originally started in 1974 to provide Bethesda’s hospital with the resources it needed to meet the rising and changing health care challenges facing the growing community.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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8. CastleBranch-GNSA Scholarship

Sponsor: Castle Branch

Castle Branch offers the Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) Scholarship in recognition of graduate students who are performing outstanding work in the effort to advance the nursing profession with innovation, leadership, and mentoring. They award two $2,500 scholarships per semester for a total of four scholarships per year. The application deadlines are September 30 and December 30. Applicants must be currently enrolled as graduate students at an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) school. The applicant must be a member of GNSA. The membership is free. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Applicants must include one academic or personal reference and a 500-word essay detailing how they contribute to nursing through innovation, leadership, and/or peer mentoring. AACN verifies the academic standing of any student that is selected for the scholarship.

GNSA provides resources to graduate and doctorate nursing students such as programs and services. GNSA has a commitment to supporting graduate students who are preparing for careers as faculty members, researchers, advanced practice registered nurses, clinical nurse leaders, policy experts, and healthcare administrators.

Deadline: Sept 30 and Dec 30
Award: $2,500

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9. Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship

Sponsor: AHNA

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) offers the Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship. This scholarship is available to those in an Undergraduate or Graduate level program. Students must submit the application by April 15. The application includes seven short answer questions. Applicants must have current RN licensing and be current and active members of AHNA for at least six months. They must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school that is dedicated to holistic nursing. They must have incorporated self-care into their personal and professional lives. Applicants must also demonstrate their commitment to practicing holistic nursing. Those who apply for the Graduate award, they must have a proven commitment to using leadership skills to advance holistic nursing.

The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program was named in honor of AHNA Founder, Charlotte McGuire, and is intended to recognize and celebrate upstanding members of the new generation of holistic nurses, who are dedicated to practicing holistic nursing and are enrolled in either the undergraduate or graduate levels of nursing education. The AHNA Awards and Scholarship program has awarded over $50,000 to those who have proven their commitment to holistic nursing.

Deadline: April 15
Award: Varies

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10. DAR Nursing Scholarships 

Sponsor: Daughters of the American Revolution

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Nursing Scholarships offer various opportunities for individuals in nursing to receive scholarship awards. The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is a $2,500 award for three students that have a financial need and are currently enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. Applicants must provide a letter of acceptance into a nursing program or a transcript proving the applicant’s enrollment in the program. The Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship offers a one-time $2,000 for two students that have a financial need and are currently enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. Applicants must provide a letter of acceptance into a nursing program or a transcript proving the applicant’s enrollment in the program. Preference is given to those from the Lowell, MA area.

The Occupational/Physical Therapy Scholarship offers a one-time $2,000 for two students that have a financial need and are currently enrolled in an accredited school for occupational therapy. The Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship offers $2,500 to two eligible applicants in an accredited nursing school. Only DAR members or their family members can apply (mother, grandmother, or step-mother of the applicant; relationship should be noted on the application).

Deadline: Feb 15
Award: Varies

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11. DNA Career Mobility Scholarship

Sponsor: Dermatology Nurses’ Association

Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA) Career Mobility Scholarship offers a $1,000 scholarship to help a DNA member continue his or her nursing education and contribute to the dermatologic community. The applicant must have been a DNA member for a minimum of two consecutive and complete years, and be employed in the field of dermatology. The applicant must be obtaining a nursing degree. If awarded, the applicant must write an article for DNA’s Focus Newsletter within a year of winning the award.

The applicant must provide proof of enrollment in nursing at the time of applying for the award. In addition, the applicant must answer seven short questions on the application, and answer three essay questions, consisting of 1200 words or less. The DNA is a professional organization of diverse nurses all committed to providing quality care and sharing knowledge.

Deadline: Oct 30
Award: $1,000

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12. DiversityNursing.com’s $5,000 Education Award

Sponsor: DiversityNursing.com

DiversityNursing.com offers scholarships for nursing majors with their Annual $5,000 Education Award. There is NO required essay. The applicant must be a US citizen that is currently enrolled at an accredited School of Nursing. The application must be submitted by May 4. Applicants must fill out the form entirely and answer all questions to be eligible for the scholarship. One lucky winner will be drawn during Nurses Week in May.

DiversityNursing.com was created in 2007 to help address the growing need for nurses and increase nurse diversity across the country. They also help answer the demand for educators and mentors in nursing. They assist nursing schools and employers market to a diverse group of candidates to encourage more individuals to become nurses.

Deadline: May 4, 2020
Award: $5,000

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13. Dr. Margaret C. Freda Graduate Nursing Scholarship Award

Sponsor: March of Dimes

March of Dimes offers the Dr. Margaret C. Freda Graduate Nursing Scholarship Award to a registered nurse that is currently enrolled in a graduate program focused on maternal-child nursing. Applicants must be a member of one of the following: the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses; the American College of Nurse-Midwives; or the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. The application deadline is January 19. Selections are made in May.

The March of Dimes is committed to advocating for the health of mothers and babies. They work to create policies to support and protect them. This award was established in 2016 to honor former MoD Chairperson Dr. Margaret Comerford Freda.

Deadline: Jan 19
Award: $4,000

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14. Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship

Sponsor: Danish Sisterhood of America

The Danish Sisterhood of America offers the Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship. An applicant can only receive this award one time. It is $850. All applications are due by March 1. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 and must be obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree in nursing or another medical profession.

The Danish Sisterhood of America has a mission to strengthen, maintain and preserve the Danish heritage and traditions for future generations.

Deadline: March 1
Award: $850

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15. ENA Foundation Scholarships

Sponsor: Emergency Nurses Association

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Foundation Scholarships are dedicated to helping nurses get the resources they need to continue their education. The ENA has a mission to advance emergency nursing and host an annual emergency nursing conference. They have more than $420,000 available for scholarships in 2019.

They offer International Conference Scholarships that provide funds for applicants who live and work outside of the US to attend the emergency nursing conference from September 29 to October 2. Academic Scholarships offer funds ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. US Conference Scholarships provide funds for applicants who live and work inside of the US to attend the emergency nursing conference from September 29 to October 2.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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16. eQuality Nursing Scholarship and Scholarships for Graduate Health Care Students

Sponsor: eQuality

The eQuality Scholarship collaborative offers scholarships for people of all genders and sexual identities. To qualify, students must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited ADN or BSN program in California. Candidates must also demonstrate service to the LGBTQ+ community. This program offers several different scholarships, including one for nursing students and another for graduate health care students. Both scholarships are worth $6,000. Aside from LGBTQ+ service, eQuality selects recipients based on leadership, hardship, and academic achievement. Keep in mind that you must be available for an interview, either in-person or on Skype, to qualify for any of these nursing scholarships. The deadline is January 31st.

The eQuality Scholarship Collaborative began in 1989. Since then, it has grown a lot. Over the years, it has awarded more than 350 scholarships. The organization exists to promote equality regardless of sexuality or gender. By awarding scholarships to future leaders, they help create a more equal and loving future for students all across the United States. With their nursing scholarships, eQuality helps prepare future students to meet the health needs of the LBBTQ+ community.

Deadline: Jan 31
Award: $6,000

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17. FNSNA General Scholarship and Promise of Nursing Scholarship

Sponsor: FNSNA

FNSNA has several scholarships for nursing students, so the amounts and deadlines vary. Different programs and companies offer scholarships through FNSNA. Each program uses different criteria to choose recipients, so take your time when you explore the website. With all of this variety, lots of nursing students have found scholarships with the right criteria for them. The Promise of Nursing Scholarship is sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, and it awards nursing undergraduates with varying amounts from $1000 and $75,000 per academic year.

FNSNA recognizes the importance of nursing and nursing education. That’s why it has promoted the nursing profession since 1969. With the country’s current nursing shortage, these scholarships for nursing students are more important than ever. This program helps talented and qualified students get the education they need to make a difference in the world.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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18. Geraldine “Polly” Bednash Scholarship

Sponsor: Castle Branch/AACN

Castle Branch and the AACN offer the Geraldine “Polly” Bednash Scholarship. The program awards two scholarships for nursing majors per application period. Both scholarships are worth $5,000. This program has four application deadlines, so keep an eye out for those deadlines throughout the year. Applicants must have at least a 3.2-grade point average. They must also either attend an AACN-affiliated school or have submitted a nursing school application through NursingCAS.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has been around since 1969. This organization sets high standards for nursing education. Colleges in the AACN have to meet quality criteria to maintain their membership. AACN’s standards, scholarships, and other programs exist to train the best nurses for the healthcare field. As a result, patients see better outcomes and better quality care than they would have received without this support.

Deadline: January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31
Award: $5,000

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19. Graduate Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice and Doctoral Degree Scholarships in Cancer Nursing

Sponsor: American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society offers a few nursing scholarships. These scholarships apply to graduate nursing students (either Master’s or Doctorate) who specialize in oncology. Students can receive $10,000 per year for two years with an ACS scholarship. The American Cancer society releases application materials in early July, so keep an eye out and mark your calendar. Deadlines vary by year. Check the website every once in a while to get the latest information.

The American Cancer Society leads the way in cancer research. This organization attacks cancer with all of the latest innovations and strategies. Patients get free lodging, rides to treatment, access to advice, and so much more. The goal of the ACS is to rid the world of cancer altogether. Until they reach that goal, they’ll keep doing research and providing different types of treatment. They understand that nurses are at the forefront of effective cancer treatment. That’s why they offer these scholarships to help get the best nurses into the field. With talented oncology nurses in the healthcare field, the ACS gets even closer to achieving its goals.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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20. HRSA Health Workforce Scholarship Programs

Sponsor: Health Resources and Services Administration 

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) offers several loans and scholarship options for nursing students. For example, the Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship exists to help Native Hawaiians serve the Hawaiian community. The Nurse Corps programs help nurses who practice in places with limited care options. The HRSA has lots of other options, too. Most of them help put nurses in overlooked communities so that those communities receive the high-standard healthcare that they deserve. Deadlines, requirements, and scholarship amounts vary. Take some time to explore the website and all of the scholarships for nursing students.

The HRSA comes from the Bureau of Health Workforce. This government organization recognizes the current gaps in US healthcare. For example, rural hospitals often have fewer nurses than urban hospitals. Minority communities don’t always get the healthcare that they need. The HRSA sees these gaps and uses its resources to fill them. By preparing skilled nurses and other healthcare workers, the HRSA strengthens the medical profession in the US. As a result, underserved communities get better healthcare than they would have otherwise received. Scholarships help them prepare nurses where the country needs them most.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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21. Hurst Review Services – AACN Scholarship

Sponsor: Hurst Review Services

The Hurst Review Services have $2,500 scholarships for nursing majors. They award a total of 4 scholarships per year. To qualify, students must attend an AACN-affiliated school. Applicants should register by either January 15th or July 15th. Otherwise, this program has a very simple and straightforward application process. Students can use the simple online form to apply. The AACN notifies scholarship winners within 60 days of the registration deadline.

The Hurst Review helps nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exam. They offer review courses that help nurses pass the exam on the first attempt. With practice exams, course reviews, and exam strategy tips, this program instills confidence in its students. Between the exam prep and the scholarship program, the Hurst Review turns future nurses into confident leaders. Therefore, it empowers future nurses to provide the best care with the latest knowledge.

Deadline: Jan 15 and June 15
Award: $2,500

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22. Johnson & Johnson/AACN Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship

Sponsor: Johnson & Johnson/AACN

Johnson and Johnson have partnered with the AACN to create the Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship. These nursing scholarships help students from minority backgrounds make the most of their education. To qualify, students must be enrolled full-time in a graduate nursing program. Applicants must also agree to teach in a school of nursing after they graduate. The program gives preference to doctoral students, but other graduate students may apply. The scholarship is worth $18,000, and the deadline is TBA, so check their website every once in a while.

The AACN sets particular standards for nurses and nursing schools. This association encourages schools to reach their highest potential so that they can equip students. As a result, students become nurses with the skills that they need for serving their communities. The AACN also provides advice, career resources, and more. With the Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship, the AACN helps future nursing leaders care for some of the most vulnerable communities.

Deadline: TBD
Award: $18,000

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23. NAHN Scholarships

Sponsor: National Association of Hispanic Nurses

NAHN is a nonprofit organization that promotes safe and effective healthcare in Hispanic and Latino communities. They accomplish their goals by recognizing excellent Latino nurses. The group also provides lots of mentorship opportunities. In addition, it publishes research, engages leadership, and equips healthcare providers to address Latino and Hispanic-specific health concerns. Only a small percentage of nurses today come from a Hispanic background. With these scholarship opportunities, NAHN helps close the gap in Hispanic nursing communities and provides the resources that the Hispanic community deserves.

NAHN (National Association of Hispanic Nurses) offers several scholarships for nursing students of Hispanic or Latino descent. They award scholarships to students at all levels from associate to graduate programs. Scholarship amounts and requirements vary. However, all potential recipients must be members of NAHN in good standing for at least 6 months before the application deadline. You can find out how to become a member by visiting their website.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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24. NBNA Scholarships

Sponsor: National Black Nurses Association

The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) has a lot of different scholarships for Black nursing students. In fact, they have at least 18. These scholarships for nursing majors have a wide range of amounts, requirements, and types. Take your time when you scroll through the website. Most, though not all, of these scholarships, require applicants to be a member of the NBNA. Visit the website to find out how you can become a member.

The NBNA promotes excellence in Black nursing. They hold conferences, promote Black healthcare, follow relevant health issues, and so much more. As a result, this organization improves the lives of Black patients. Through scholarships for nursing majors and other opportunities, the NBNA strengthens the healthcare field.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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25. NEF Scholarships and Funds

Sponsor: Nurses Educational Funds

The Nurses Educational Funds (NEF) offers a lot of scholarships for nursing students. Some are permanent scholarships while others vary by year. These scholarships have a wide range in terms of requirements, amounts, applications, and eligibility. Make sure that you read their scholarship page thoroughly and take note of the scholarships that could apply to you. Pay especially close attention to deadlines, since those differ from one scholarship to the next.

The NEF is a unique portal for financing education. The program houses scholarship opportunities from different companies, nonprofits, and individual donors. What started as a single scholarship fund has grown to create all sorts of opportunities. Over the years, it has awarded more than 1,300 scholarships, becoming a goldmine of opportunities. Nursing is important, but nursing education is expensive. NEF seeks to bridge the gap and create opportunities so that deserving students can fulfill their educational needs.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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26. Nursing Economic$ Foundation Scholarships

Sponsor: Nursing Economic$

The Nursing Economic$ Foundation awards up to four $5,000 scholarships per school year. They award these scholarships to students in Master or Doctoral programs who want to pursue administration or management. The program has a lot of requirements, so read the web page carefully before you apply. Potential recipients should submit their applications by May 15th.

Nursing Economic$ is a journal that gets published six times per year. This publication covers all sorts of nursing topics, from health and politics to the latest scientific data. Through their journal, Nursing Economic$ helps nurses sharpen their leadership skills, focus on the future of nursing, and make changes in their careers.

Deadline: May 15
Award: $5,000

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27. Nursing.org Scholarships

Sponsor: Nursing.org

Nursing.org recognizes the high cost of getting a nursing degree. With the current nursing shortage in the US, scholarships are more important now than ever. That’s why Nursing.org offers three scholarships: one for RN to BSN students, one for nursing students at any level, and one for men in nursing. Each scholarship has its own application form. Deadlines and amounts vary by scholarship, but each one requires high academic standing and an excellent essay.

Nursing.org provides an in-depth resources center for nurses and students. Current and future nurses can use this site to find career opportunities. They can also use the site to find online nursing degree programs. Overall, Nursing.org supports and equips the next generation of nurses and leaders. It empowers future nurses to make the best decisions for their careers and their future patients.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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28. Oncology Nursing Foundation Scholarships

Sponsor: Oncology Nursing Foundation

The Oncology Nursing Foundation has offered scholarships since 1981. The foundation offers nursing scholarships for students at every level from Bachelor’s to Doctorate. These scholarships offer different amounts and have different eligibility requirements. However, they all go to nursing students who want to pursue oncology. The deadline to apply is February 1st.

The Oncology Nursing Foundation exists to improve cancer care practices. It provides awards, grants, and scholarships that support the most bright and talented nurses. This investment improves nursing education so that cancer patients get the latest and best care. With the best-trained nurses, hospitals and other facilities can improve patient outcomes.

Deadline: Feb 1
Award: Varies

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29. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Sponsor: Tylenol

Tylenol has created a scholarship for nursing students. The Future Care Scholarship helps promising future nurses achieve their educational goals. Students must provide proof of enrollment in either an undergraduate or graduate nursing program. The scholarship committee will consider applicants who plan to actively treat patients. The deadline is TBA, so keep an eye out for this scholarship when you do your research.

You know Tylenol is the company that makes the medication. Throughout the years, the makers of Tylenol have also supported nurses and other healthcare professionals. With this scholarship opportunity, Tylenol is investing in the future of healthcare.

Deadline: TBD
Award: $5000-$10,000

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30. US Air Force ROTC Nursing Scholarship

Sponsor: US Air Force ROTC

The US Air Force ROTC offers scholarships for nursing majors. This nursing scholarship goes to college sophomores and juniors. To qualify, students must attend an accredited nursing school with an active ROTC Air Force program. Amounts and deadlines vary for this competitive scholarship. Keep in mind that students must sign an agreement with the US Air Force ROTC to be eligible for the scholarship. The agreement includes participating in the AFROTC.

The AFROTC helps students build leadership skills while they earn their college degrees. This organization prepares students for a future in the United States Air Force after they graduate. Its nursing scholarships and other scholarships let students “focus on school, not paying for it.” This way, they help students build their futures.

Deadline: Varies
Award: Varies

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How Do I Apply for Scholarships Available to Nursing Students?

For those who are interested in a rewarding nursing career, the first task at hand is to select the school and program that meets one’s education and career objectives. The next step to finalizing one’s choice of where to earn a nursing degree is to determine how to pay for the costs, fees, and tuition of the school of their choice. One of the ways to lower tuition costs and college fees is to find a nursing scholarship for which you would be eligible.

Scholarships are available from a variety of sources. Many universities, states, philanthropists, and organizations (among others) provide scholarships to students who want to become nursing professionals. There are even nursing scholarships for high school seniors who want to go into a nursing career. Nursing scholarships are available for many purposes. A partial list includes:

  • BSN Nursing Scholarships
  • Nursing Scholarships for Men
  • Scholarships for CNA to RN
  • No Essay Nursing Scholarships

Students who have researched and discovered a nursing scholarship, for which they are eligible, will find that nearly all BSN Nursing Scholarships and Nursing Scholarships high school seniors have online applications. The ease by which a student can apply for a nursing scholarship makes this potential financial help a no-brainer. In most cases, a scholarship application requires no fee (and beware of those that do – they may be scams).

Are there Scholarships Available for Nursing Diversity?

Fortunately, students looking to defray their nursing-degree tuition and costs will find that there are many nursing scholarships (and grants) created to support the continued diversity in the field of nursing. Nursing Diversity scholarships and grants offer a way to ensure that the nursing population remains diverse as it serves a diverse population. These types of scholarships are also called Minority Nursing Scholarships.

Within the category of Minority Nursing Scholarships, students will find scholarships available to:

  • Nursing Scholarships for Men (men make up only 10% of the nursing workforce, a situation many in the field are trying to change)
  • Scholarships for Women in Nursing (there are many scholarships for women in nursing dedicated to helping women move into leadership roles, such as hospital administration and higher education and research)
  • Hispanic/Latinx nurses scholarships (a growing segment of the nursing workforce, nurses with a Hispanic background are valuable for treating a growing Latino population in the US)
  • African-American nurses scholarships – nursing is one of the most diverse occupations, but black nurses are still underrepresented.

Grants for Nursing Diversity

Because of the push to increase cultural and ethnic diversity in nursing, many institutions and even government agencies have started grants that provide similar funding to maintain a diverse nursing population. These include:

  • Grants for Nursing School for Single Mothers
  • Grants for Black Nursing Students

Some nursing scholarships for men and scholarships for women in nursing require that a student applies with a relevant essay that must be included with the online application. Essay scholarships are common. However, there are some scholarships for minorities that do not require an essay.

What are Other Ways to Pay for Nursing School?

Who would like a free money nursing school experience? Who wouldn’t prefer to get paid to go to nursing school? The truth is there are a number of methods to get paid to go to nursing school.

The trick is to learn how to get nurse practitioner school paid for by someone else. And, make no mistake about it, there is more than one way to pay for nursing school. First, remember that to do so, you will likely have to consider the more unconventional ways to defray/reduce tuition costs.

Employer Programs

Consider one of the many companies that pay for nursing school for their employees. Having your employer pay for nursing education is more common than one might think. Employers who choose to pay for an employee’s education do so because it not only benefits the employee, it contributes to a business’s bottom line. From an employer’s perspective, further educating their employees is money well spent, as their advanced education will inevitably enhance their performance. It is truly a win-win situation.

There are many government grants for nurse practitioners available in every state. These government grants for nurse practitioners are at the local, state, and federal levels.

So, while it seems nearly impossible to find a free money nursing school experience, the reality is there are many options, that together, can significantly reduce the tuition costs and fees typically required to earn a nursing degree.

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