Are there Any Nursing Jobs in the Military?

Does the Military Hire Nurses?

There are nursing jobs in the military in all branches including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and also Marines. Combining a nursing career with a military career makes sense for many people. The military experience often increases a nurse’s employment opportunities. Prospective employers recognize that nurses who perform their duties under the pressure of military service make good employees.

What Branch of Military is Best for Nursing?

Every branch of the United States military needs qualified medical personnel, including licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. Generally, the military offers schools for those who want to enhance their nursing careers. Another advantage for military nurses is the excellent benefits, such as a retirement pension.

Can you Work as a Nurse in the Army?

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Entry-level nurses in the Army must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and complete basic training sessions to become an Army Nurse Corps Officer. Army nurses work on active duty. Additionally, there are also nursing jobs in the army reserves.

The Army needs a wide variety of nurses, ranging from public health to psychiatric nurse practitioners. Workers in the Army Nurse Corps practice medicine in field hospitals, base clinics, veteran administration hospitals, and also many other facilities.

What Types of Nurses are in the Air Force?

The United States Air Force needs a diverse assortment of medical personnel, including clinic nurses, nurse anesthetists, airlift flight nurses, and more. Although few people realize it, the military needs pediatric nursing staff as well as obstetrics, neonatal intensive care, and midwife nursing staff.

With approximately 80 facilities worldwide, they care for many service personnel and their families. Other important fields for nursing staff are psychiatry, surgery, and trauma.

Are there Nurses in the Marine Corps?

The United States Marines Corps is under the Department of the Navy. They use the Navy’s facilities and staff for their medical needs. Do nurses work in the Coast Guard? Some medical career opportunities are available in the United States Coast Guard, although they do not have a strong medical force. The National Guard recruits nurses, such as clinical nurses, flight nurses, surgical nurses, and others.

Is there Nursing in the Navy?

Prospective nursing students may want to inquire about the Navy’s Nurse Candidate Program (NCP), which can help students pay for medical school. Nurses in the Navy may practice on board a ship, at a medical clinic on foreign or U.S. soil, on one of the Navy’s hospital ships, or at another military facility.

What kind of nurses are in the Navy? The Navy employs a variety of nurses, including nurse midwives, pediatrics nurses, and also critical care nurses.

Are Military Nurses In-Demand?

In general, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the nursing profession will see a higher than the normal job growth rate. Within the various military forces, the government will need nurses and also other medical personnel.

Many branches of the military offer grants for nursing education, which makes it desirable to serve in the military while getting a nursing degree or enhancing a nursing career.