Do I Need A Degree To Be A Nurse?

An individual does need a degree to be a nurse, but there are options depending on the type of nurse and the state where you live. The nursing field entails many careers that require different qualifications. For that reason, the answer you seek depends on the nursing career you want to pursue and depending upon the one you choose, you’re going to need a certain level of education, which comes from getting a degree.

Types of Degrees to Be a Nurse

If you want to get your degree to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse), you have to complete an eight-month course. Likewise, you have to complete a 28-month course to get your ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing). Getting your ADN puts you on the path to becoming an RN (registered nurse), enabling you to fill a large number of management positions.

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If this path piques your interest the most, that’s excellent because some hospitals may require you to be an RN; you may have to get your BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) as well–although this degree takes four to five years to obtain, it’s worth having because it allows you to have higher and better professional roles. Now, to get a master’s degree, you can enroll in programs that can be completed in three to four years, and you can get a nursing position in many managerial careers.

Opt for the Right Program & School

Some programs will allow you to work your way up from one degree to another. The smartest thing you can do is to take the time to get your ADN first because, that way, you can work as a registered nurse as you’re completing whatever courses you’re taking to get either your BSN or Master’s. With your choice of degree, there are quite a few roads you can take to become a nurse.

Many colleges offer a number of courses that will give you the skills you need to become either an LPN or a VPN (vocational practice nurse). However, your number one priority should be to apply to an accredited college because if you don’t, your chances of landing a high-positioned job in the nursing field are low. The reason is that hospitals and other employers tend to hire only those who have acquired a degree from an accredited college.