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What Does a Nurse Researcher Do?

Nurse researcher jobs vary quite a bit, and for the right kind of nurse, can be a rewarding career. Each nurse researcher job description depends upon the work setting and the nurse researcher role within the larger organization. 

For the most part, research jobs nursing revolves around the collection and analysis of biologic data for a specific purpose. Additionally, clinical research nurse responsibilities require a research nurse practitioner to provide a written analysis of their research jobs nursing findings.

Clinical research nurse jobs are typically available in research labs, clinics, and hospitals. A nurse researcher job description will include the following tasks:

  • The Oversight of Clinical Projects and Procedures — clinical research nurse jobs require the design of studies, including the publishing of findings and recommendations.
  • The Collection and Recordation of Data — research nursing jobs use data to help medical professionals make better decisions in the care of patients.
  • The Recruitment and Management of Sponsors and Subjects

Research nursing jobs typically begin with a more generalized nurse research role. Over time, a research nurse practitioner tends to choose to specialize in a specific subject area. For instance, nurse research jobs may require a specialty in elder care or a refined specialty in diabetes.

A nurse researcher job description includes many possibilities that are open to highly trained research scientists with years of dedication and commitment to the nursing profession.

How to Become a Nurse Researcher?

A nurse researcher education degree program requires years of study. The required nurse research schooling includes a four-year undergraduate nursing degree, and most often an advanced degree from on the many quality nurse researcher programs.

The nursing profession is a great way to make a difference in the lives of others.  A generalized nursing curriculum follows a scientifically and medically oriented pathway of coursework. It also includes a generous quota of practical training in a variety of healthcare settings to allow students a chance to apply the knowledge obtained in the classroom.

Nursing School Hub’s ranking of the Best Nursing Podcasts includes some useful programs for research nurses.

How to Obtain Clinical Research Nurse Certification

However, for those who want to become a nursing researcher, it is important to understand that nursing research jobs require advanced nursing studies and skills.  A nursing researcher is trained to design, implement, analyze and provide scientific findings regarding a specific nursing-related inquiry. As such, a nurse researcher education focuses on applying analytical and lab skills as a means of scientific inquiry.

SoCRA — the Society of Clinical Research Associates — offers a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) certification. The purpose of the CCRP certificate was to establish an internationally-accepted nurse research qualification standard.

How Much Does a Nurse Researcher Make?

According to, the average clinical research nursing salary is approximately $65,500. However, a nurse researcher salary varies within a range that begins at $51,000 per year at the lower end, to $90,000 per year at the upper end of research nursing salary range. Salary is directly related to demand, especially in the current nursing shortage.

More specifically, a nursing research salary will vary based upon the type of position. According to, here are a few nurse research salary variations based upon certain nurse researcher jobs and approximate average salaries–

  • Clinical Operations Manager: $112,000 per year
  • Clinical Research Manager: $74,400 per year
  • Lead Clinical Research Coordinator: $60,900 per year
  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC): $ 59,000 per year

A nurse research salary will also vary based on the job’s location. According to, a research nursing salary varies by the city.

  • Los Angeles, CA: $105,000 per year
  • Chicago, IL: $61,800 per year
  • Miami, FL: $56,000 per year
  • Atlanta, GA: $55,500 per year
  • Houston, TX: $50,000 per year

Finally, it is noted that a nurse research salary is dependent upon the amount of experience the nurse researcher possesses. Clearly, the more experience each nurse research has, the more likely a higher compensation package.

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