10 Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

The top reasons to become a travel nurse include finding new adventures and the potential to make more money. Nursing is an important job, but it can get a little repetitive. You may love your workplace and your patients, but do you ever get the itch to try something new?

Becoming a Traveling Nurse may be for you. Here are 10 reasons to become a Travel Nurse – see if they are a fit for you!


1. Travel

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It’s right in the name! Some people just have the travel bug, while others are just curious or feel like they’re stuck in a rut. Either way, Travel Nursing will scratch that itch. It affords you the opportunity to live and work in new places regularly.

2. Meet New People

Once you get accliamted to your new location, it’s time to meet people! Attend networking events, experience the social spots in the new city, and enjoy your off hours. Make long-lasting friendships and you can enjoy their company every time you come back.

3. Test the Waters

Have you ever considered living in California or Maine? Do you love summer and want to leave when it snows? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try living in Chicago but worried about a permanent move without a trial.

Becoming a Traveling Nurse can let you try living anywhere for a while. Maybe you’ll fall in love with skiing or find Nashville to be just perfect. You can try living all over the country until you find a place that’s just right. Or maybe you’ll just keep traveling!

4. Learn New Skills

New job environments mean new procedures and new learning experiences. Maybe this month you’ll be helping with outpatient procedures, while next week you’re learning to use cutting-edge equipment in a state-of-the-art hospital. No matter where you go, they’ll do things a little differently and you can take valuable experience from each one.

5. Resume Building

Keeping in line with your new skills will be an impressive resume. Between your professional contacts, your wide range of on-the-job skills, and your experience in a variety of environments, you will have the most impressive resume around if you decide to take a location-stable position!

6. Job Opportunities

Speaking of staying in one place and having an amazing resume, Travel Nursing will put you in place to find a great job if you decide to transition out of traveling. With the contacts you’ve made and that amazing skillset you’ve gone far and wide to build, you might just be a perfect candidate for your perfect career.

7. Find New Adventures

According to an informal poll on travelnursingcentral.com, the most common reason for nurses to travel is for adventure. There is a world of adventure open to those who have the option to travel and work simultaneously.

8. Avoid Burnout

Travel Nursing, while as demanding as any other nursing job, is like taking a working vacation every time you move on. The change in scenery, co-workers, and even weather may be just what you need to keep your energy level up and your smile genuine!

9. Freedom

Imagine choosing where you work without giving up your roots. Many travel nurses take this path just so they can decide for themselves. It doesn’t have to be just the United States – there are opportunities for nurses all over the world. Go and come back and you won’t have missed a single step in your career goals. That’s the freedom that travel nursing can provide.

10. Make More Money

Money is another common reason Travel Nurses take the leap! Your travel expenses will be covered and many nursing companies will provide free housing. And the pay! According to Fastaff Travel Nursing, a travel nurse staffing company, their typical travel nurse makes over $100,000 for 36 weeks of work. Combine the pay and savings and you’ll be far ahead of the curve financially.

Your Career as a Travel Nurse

Those are the primary reasons to investigate travel nursing. Maybe one or two piqued your interest. Maybe all of them did! Either way, you won’t regret finding out more about the opportunity to travel while you work.