What is Travel Nursing?

What’s the Difference Between a Nurse and a Travel Nurse?

Travel nursing is a specialty in which nurses take contract employment at different geographical locations where nurses are in-demand. The concept of travel nursing is both fun and rewarding. It involves moving from one location to the next to work in a medical facility.

Nurses are always in demand, and there can be a serious need for them in certain locations. Traveling to work in such a location for a period of time is a great way to see new places and to meet new people.

What is the Average Time for a Travel Nurse in One Location

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The average timeframe for a traveling nurse in any location is 13 weeks. It can be shorter or longer though depending on the needs at that location. Agencies review all the information beforehand so you know how long you are committing to any location. This is important so that you can plan accordingly.

Staying in different places for a few months can be exciting. You can learn how the medical facilities operate in different areas. You can also go explore the attractions, great places to eat, and the social atmosphere on your days off.

How Do Travel Nurses Find Work?

If you want to work in travel nursing, you should evaluate the agency carefully. You need to make sure they are a legitimate company. They will have contracts with various medical facilities out there. They will accept an application from you and go through a screening process. This often includes a background check, verifying your nursing license, and checking with past employers regarding your work history.

If the company accepts you then you can look at the list of available work assignments they have. You don’t have to accept offers which is an important point. You can pick where you would like to go. Then, if the location works for you and the amount of time you will be required to stay, then you can book your schedule.

The Travel Nursing Contract

First, remember that contracts are negotiable until you sign them. So, you are in charge until you agree to the terms. Furthermore, your contract for travel nursing should be very specific. Take the time to read it over carefully before you sign it. The information will tell you the timeframe for your specific location and even the number of hours you will be working. Additionally, it should cover other information including housing, transportation, and your pay.

Who Makes the Travel Arrangements?

It is usually very little you have to do with the travel arrangements. Your contract should pay the rent for temporary housing at your new post. The accommodations are safe and comfortable. Additionally, nurses only need to pack personal items and clothing. Travel nurse accommodations have furniture and all household items. This is so much easier than an actual relocation if you were to move all of your personal belongings.

Also, if your new location does not have public transportation, you may also get an allowance for a rental vehicle. There is always the option of taking your own vehicle too. However, if you will be working a long distance from your current residence you may opt to fly there instead of driving.

How do Transitions Work?

As the end of an assigned location approaches, you have several options. Nurses can pick a new location for the next place they work and live. Still, others may take a break in-between. These nurses secure an assignment with a few weeks off between them.

In some instances, a person will find they truly love where they are at. They like the facility and the area where they are living. They make the decision to take a permanent position and to find their own housing in the area. They had the chance to explore it all on a temporary basis first so there was no stress or anxiety involved in that decision.

What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing?

Perhaps you have lived in one place too long and you want to see what else is out there. With this type of work, you can see places and decide what you like and what you don’t. Additionally, travel nursing can help you to pick a new place to settle down. The pay is usually very good for a traveling nurse, so you will make more than if you worked permanently in one place.

Is it Worth Being a Travel Nurse?

Nurses who are easily bored and do not like routine may get burned out. The opportunity to be in new places and see new faces though can prevent that from happening. Being able to enjoy the new adventures and meeting lots of new people are also benefits to consider.