10 Top Online Tools for Nurses

The top online tools for nurses are websites and online tools that have indispensable medical industry information available. There are so many great online tools available to nurses. In fact, the number of useful nursing websites and online tools may seem a little overwhelming at first. Some nurses may be interested in finding websites to help continue their education. Other nurses may need comprehensive online drug reference guides. It’s also important to have a trusted list of employment resources.

Many nurses agree that staying up-to-date with industry news and research is important to their careers. From nursing students to experienced charge nurses, the following websites and online tools have indispensable medical industry information available. Listed below are the 10 best online tools and websites for nurses.

1. Nobelprize.org

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The Nobel Prize website has endless learning opportunities for nurses. Nurses will appreciate the medical games. Their medical games are geared at helping people understand important medical concepts. There are games for blood typing, reading electrocardiograms, understanding parasites, and immunology. This is a great way to make studying fun. In addition, the website also has the latest information on medical research.

Not everybody wants to play online games though. There is a learning style to fit any personality. There are fantastic videos available on subjects ranging from chemistry to physiology. Nurses can also read research papers on diabetes and other illnesses. This is a great tool for nurses who are interested in expanding their current knowledge base.


2. Visible Body

The Visible Body is one of the best online tools for nurses. This interactive body helps nurses to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in anatomy and physiology. Their human atlas has even won numerous awards. There are study guides available for the muscular system, the skeletal system, and even the heart and circulatory system.

These 3D images are the most dynamic way to study the anatomy and physiology of the human body. They bring so much more life to the different body systems. It is a much better method than studying a poster or a small page of a textbook. Nurses will appreciate the detail in their high-quality images. The Visible Body website even offers weekly giveaways to subscribers!


3. Nursing Informatics

The Nursing Informatics website is a great tool for nurses who need to enhance their technical competencies. The learning center is perfect for studying various areas of nursing education. The self-assessments are a great place for people to start. These assessments can help to show nurses where they should be focusing more attention. There are many different categories for nurses to study. In addition, there is even a section for leadership. The self-tests and personal plans can help nurses to identify their weaknesses and address those problems. There are also a variety of tutorials for nurses who need to become more competent in using various types of medical and administrative software.


4. English Med

Some nurses may neglect the study of language. They may be focused on science and math. That is totally understandable, but they should still consider enhancing their vocabulary using a fantastic online tool. English Med is a great resource for nurses who want to work on word exercises. This website is great for enhancing one’s medical vocabulary. There are a variety of articles, exercises, and tests specifically geared toward nurses.

Nurses will appreciate the specialization in reading, writing, speaking, and listening exercises. Exercises can include information on document gap filling, word order, and dialogue. There are even great animated cartoons to emphasize the lessons. This is a perfect tool for nurses who need to take a break from studying technical topics.


5. Student Nurses

Studentnurses.com is one of the best online tools for ambitious nurses. They have so many different learning resources available to users. They have everything that a nurse needs in one convenient place. They even have a scrub superstore! Their study guides are some of the best in the business. They even have games to test knowledge and skills. There is even a game based on a popular television game show; who wants to be a nursing millionaire?

Studentnurses.com has a wide variety of resources for nurses and nursing students. They also have a lot of information on job openings all over the United States. This one-stop-shop is a fantastic tool for nurses who are interested in furthering their knowledge, skills, and career!


6. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library

The Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library is one of the most comprehensive libraries available to nurses online. Registration is free, and users have full access to great peer-reviewed research articles. Nurses can conduct a basic search to see various journal and article abstracts. They must log onto the website to view full articles. There are many different articles included in the online library.

There are research studies, innovations, conference presentations, and even evidence-based projects to learn about. This high-quality library leaves nothing to be desired. This tool is perfect for nurses who are conducting research in addition to their traditional duties. The Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library is a comprehensive source for the latest information in medical and nursing research.


7. University of Maryland Medical Center Video Library

The University of Maryland Medical Center has the best online video library for nurses and nursing students. They offer high-quality videos of medical and nursing procedures. Videos are professionally edited and produced. It is no secret that the University of Maryland is on the cutting edge of medical research. This valuable resource is perfect for nurses who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology and information.

They provide videos on the latest technological advancements. They even have videos detailing the recent full-face transplant conducted at the university. The library is organized into categories for easy browsing. Nurses of every specialization will find great videos about recent research in their fields. Busy nurses can subscribe to their YouTube channel to get automatic updates.


8. Lippincott’s Nursing Center

Lippincott’s Nursing Center was actually created by nurses. It is a fantastic tool for researching educational opportunities and clinical information. They even have a list of nurse-recommended job locating websites. They offer peer-reviewed journals, eBooks, job listings, specialty information, and great newsletters. Subscribers will appreciate how nursing-focused their content is. They even have a special “Nurse’s Choice” section that includes a variety of topics that are of particular interest to nurses.

They also have a comprehensive events calendar. The calendar lists e-conferences and nursing webinars in addition to traditional medical conferences and seminars. The Nursing Center stays up to date with industry news to help keep nurses well informed. This website is perfect for any nurse who wants to be in the know with industry-related news and developments.


9. Epocrates

Finally, there is a free, multi-purpose, medical, smartphone application available to nurses. Epocrates is a free iPhone application with a wide variety of useful functions. Epocrates is basically a high-tech drug reference guide. It also includes a medical math calculator. Users have instant pill identification images and information. The application also includes important drug interaction data. Epocrates helps nurses to make quick and effective decisions.

This application cuts out the additional time it takes to learn about drugs in a traditional reference manual. Nurses can make more informed decisions with time to spare. This means they can spend more time with patients and less time looking up drug information in a heavy book. The best thing about Epocrates is that it is completely free to download. Nurses now have the information of large drug reference manuals at their fingertips.


10. Health Line

Health line is a great tool for nurses in general practice and family medicine offices. This comprehensive website offers great articles and videos related to healthy living. They include information on appropriate diets and exercise plans for optimum health. They also have a great video series on a wide variety of health topics. Nurses who are interested in preventative care will appreciate the amount of information that Health Line dedicates to healthy living techniques.

They also offer a pill identifier section, drug research area, and treatment information for many different illnesses and diseases. Health Line also offers a dynamic blog with up-to-date information on the latest drug trials and clinical research findings. This is a great way for nurses to keep current with industry news.


Nursing and Technology

Nurses work in an ever-changing atmosphere. It is important to keep up-to-date with industry news and research. Nurses also understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology. Very few nurses will be without their smartphones during a shift. Nurses now have as much information as they could ever need at their fingertips. They can study for upcoming clinical assessments or research drug information.

They also have trusted websites with frequently updated employment opportunity information. Ultimately, nothing is more important to a nurse than his or her patients. Becoming the best possible nurse is all about continuing education and professional enrichment. It has never been easier for nurses to learn about recent research and industry news.