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Stay-At-Home Moms theatre essays

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Why More Women Are Forgoing the Hospital When Baby Comes

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State of Birth

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essay on president election in india 1900 95%*
1940 44%
1969 1%
2009 0.72%
* Nearly all births took place outside hospitals, so this is an estimate

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0.56% 0.72%
Home births by ethnicity
White 1 in 90
African-American 1 in 357
Hispanic 1 in 500

go medical assisting cover letter DC 0.2
Louisiana 0.21
New Jersey 0.25
Alabama 0.26
Mississippi 0.26
Georgia 0.32
Illinois 0.36
Nebraska 0.36
West Virginia 0.37
Rhode Island 0.38
South Carolina 0.4
Connecticut 0.41
Delaware 0.42
Texas 0.42
Massachusetts 0.43
North Carolina 0.45
South Dakota 0.48
North Dakota 0.5
California 0.52
Maryland 0.52
Oklahoma 0.52
Florida 0.54
Tennessee 0.64
Wyoming 0.66
Arizona 0.68
Arkansas 0.69
Virginia 0.69
Michigan 0.72
New York 0.73
Kansas 0.77
Ohio 0.83
Minnesota 0.85
Kentucky 0.9
New Hampshire 1
New Mexico 1.03
Missouri 1.07
Iowa 1.11
Nevada 1.15
Colorado 1.22
Maine 1.31
Hawaii 1.33
Indiana 1.38
Alaska 1.49
Utah 1.55
Pennsylvania 1.62
Wisconsin 1.66
Washington 1.67
Idaho 1.69
Vermont 1.91
Oregon 1.96
Montana 2.55

Not Going It Alone

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communication music essay A person who has completed traditional nursing school and then gone on to complete midwifery training.

there thesis statement of food allergies A person with training in midwifery who is not a nurse.

Someone trained to assist emotionally during childbirth but not medically trained.

Home births by type of attendant
Physician 4.8%
Certified nurse midwife 19.5%
Other midwife 42.9
Other attendant 32.9%



2 thoughts on “Stay-At-Home Moms”

  1. On your definition of a CPM, I would like to add to that just a little bit. It should say a person with training in midwifery who is not necessarily a nurse. there are quite a few of us who started as nurses or EMT’s or had some other professional training as well, but CPM’s do not HAVE to have that to become CPM’s. I think it is important for the public to realize there could be a wide variety of backgrounds coming into the CPM route. many CNM’s were either CPM’s previously and went on for further training , as well as many have chosen to carry both credentials. Thanks

  2. This is interesting. But there is no mention here of unassisted childbirth, where a woman gives birth at home without an attendant. A growing number of women are doing this, both in this country and around the world.

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