Is it Hard to Get into Nursing School?

It’s not hard to get into nursing school if you are properly prepared, which can make your odds of getting accepted much greater. The nursing profession has been and continues to be in high demand. Hospitals, clinics, and elderly care facilities can not seem to hire nurses fast enough.

Many of them are understaffed where nurses are concerned. It is because of these things that nursing has become an extremely competitive profession to get into. Nursing schools have become increasingly selective about whom they accept. However, if you are prepared getting into a top nursing school is easier. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to make it easier for you to get into nursing school:


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With most nursing schools having a long waiting list, the more prerequisites you have finished before you apply to the school, the better your chance of being accepted. It would be in your best interests to find out early on in college exactly what the nursing school prerequisites are. This will allow you to get started on them right away. Obviously, it is not just the number of prerequisites that you complete that is important. The grades you get in these classes will also impact your ability to get accepted.


Any experience you have in the field of healthcare can only help you gain entrance into nursing school. If all other things are equal, the student that is accepted will show initiative and experience. It would be a good idea to volunteer at a clinic or hospital if you are not able to find a job. You could also ask the health clinic at your college if they could use your help. This type of experience is always a good thing to have on your nursing school application.

Create the Perfect Application

If possible, you should type your application. If you have bad handwriting, have someone with good handwriting fill it out for you. Proofread it carefully to ensure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Do your best to highlight and emphasize everything you have accomplished. Do not downplay your history, be proud of what you have done and make sure they know about it.

Let them Know Who You Are

Applying for nursing school is no time to be shy. Try to network with any people who are already attending the nursing school you are trying to get into. Go to the office of the Nursing Chair and introduce yourself. You will obviously want to dress professionally and do your best to make a good first impression. Wait a few days after your visit, then send a letter in the postal mail saying that you enjoyed meeting him or her. Do not use email to send the letter. When there are events on campus, volunteer to help out and try to make friends with current students. Do your best to stay in the loop regarding what is going on in your college’s nursing department. By making yourself known, there is a better chance they will remember you when it comes time for them to start reviewing applications.