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Top 25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Nursing Educator Programs for 2021

With an MSN in Nursing Education online degree, the nurse can help students reach their goals of becoming a nurse educator. An online format offers every tool and resource as the courses taught in a traditional classroom but with the added convenience of being able to study whenever it is most convenient. Nurses are able to learn how to efficiently incorporate their years of experience into a useful teaching tool students can understand and utilize.

When a person wants to become a nurse educator through an MSN program, he or she obviously wants to find the cheapest masters nursing education program that will still properly educate him or her. Fortunately, an individual may find a program like this with a simple internet search for the cheapest masters nursing education program in his or her area. The results will display schools that are less expensive than the others. A person should visit each website and look for the tuition information to compare.

How We Ranked the Most Affordable Nurse Educator Master’s

Nursing School Hub is dedicated to providing nursing students with real, valuable information, so NSH rankings feature only accredited, legitimate colleges and universities. For the Most Affordable ranking, though, institutions are ranked strictly by tuition cost.

1. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University offers an affordable nurse educator MSN. This program is completely online, so it provides the flexibility that a lot of students need. Designed for current working nurses who want to transition into education, this MSN covers the educational topics that apply to the nursing field. Students benefit from a combination of a flexible course timeline as well as the chance to interact with their fellow students.

Fort Hays State University is an affordable and respected public university with a lot to offer. This school provides an excellent education, giving students a great ROI. The faculty members at this school are very dedicated to students. They’re always available to help students succeed in their endeavors. This school started with innovation and continues to pursue innovation, so students get to stay at the forefront of all that education has to offer. 100% of graduates from Hays’s College of Education who went into teaching passed the two required certification tests.

Degree: Masters in Nursing Education

2. Grantham University

Grantham University’s Nursing Education MSN program helps students sharpen their nursing skills as well as their educational skills. Built for RNs who want to teach, this program covers essential teaching topics such as ethics, methodology, tenure, and more. The program also covers all of the latest trends in the teaching and nursing world so that students can stay on top of things. Plus, this program instills leadership and communication skills.

Grantham University only offers online courses. It’s a fully accredited and very affordable school designed for busy adults. As such, it makes a great school choice for those who are already working as RNs. Because the school is fully online, teachers here completely understand the online learning format. They don’t view online teaching as a “side skill.” They put just as much thought and effort into these online courses as they would for on-campus teaching. Grantham’s affordable nurse educator MSN was ranked among the best online MSN programs in nurse education.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

3. Angelo State University

Angelo State University’s affordable nurse educator MSN program is offered with completely online coursework. The program does require some clinical work. However, those requirements can generally be fulfilled near the student’s home. In other words, you won’t have to travel to San Angelo if you don’t already live there. This program offers flexibility and simple communication as it covers the most important teaching topics for current RNs.

Angelo State University offers a great education at an affordable price. Situated in a thriving community, this school has plenty of student support and academic resources. This bustling school prepares students for their careers by helping them build essential skills, both inside and outside the classroom. Angelo State is part of the Texas Tech system, which means that it has a lot to offer in terms of both teaching and research. The Princeton Review has ranked Angelo State University as one of their “Best Colleges” every year since 2010.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

4. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University’s affordable nurse educator MSN program prepares students for various levels of teaching. It covers academic teaching, patient education, and medical staff education. Students learn the basic principals of education to go along with their current nursing knowledge. This MSN provides a lot of flexibility. It was designed specifically for working RNs, so students can make the program work for their schedule.

WCU is an excellent university with a thriving graduate school. This school challenges students but supports students through those challenges. It teaches students how to reach their full potential and to find solutions as they think outside the box. This school is part of the University of North Carolina system, but it has a small student to faculty ratio. This means that students can have the opportunities of a large school with the intimacy of a small one. About 83% of WCU students receive financial aid.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

5. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman’s University’s affordable nurse educator MSN is completely online. Within this program, students learn how to teach in a way that will inspire and motivate their future students. The program gets students ready for a range of career options, from university teaching to educating hospital staff members. No matter which path they choose, students from this program learn how to make the most of their leadership skills and current nursing knowledge.

Texas Woman’s University is one of the best schools for both teaching and healthcare, which makes it a great choice for those who want to go into nursing education. In fact, TWU graduates more new healthcare professionals than any other university in the state. As a school primarily for women, this university offers academic excellence, leadership growth, and an education that focuses on the whole person. TWU is the #1 university in the DFW area for graduate earnings vs cost.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

6. UNC Wilmington

UNC Wilmington has an affordable nurse educator MSN program. This program covers advanced nursing topics and covers the necessary skills for teaching new nurses. The program is taught by nurse educators, so students get a firsthand look at how the career works in practice. Classes help students enhance their leadership skills, teach in a variety of settings, and reach their students in multiple ways.

UNC Wilmington ranks high among other North Carolina schools. It remains committed to excellence and innovation, staying at the forefront of new knowledge and teaching methods. UNC Wilmington has excellent grad school programs that routinely gain recognition across the state and beyond. This school is affordable, diverse, challenging, and accessible to working adults and other nontraditional students. UNC Wilmington is one of the best schools for military members, according to US News and World Report.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

7. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has a thriving MSN education program. This affordable nurse educator MSN recognizes the severe shortage of nurse educators, and it seeks to alleviate that problem with its focused courses. The program covers relevant teaching and nursing topics, and it helps students learn the best ways to impart their own knowledge to other people.

OUHSC is a comprehensive healthcare center dedicated to teaching, research, and top-quality patient care. Students can learn a lot from this school, and because it’s solely focused on healthcare, nurses and other healthcare learners can rest assured that their classes are a high priority. At this school, students get an excellent mix of classroom experience and hands-on work, allowing them to help people as they learn and grow their careers. OUHSC students get to perform their clinicals on campus, giving them more convenience than a lot of other medical students.

Degree: MSN – Education

8. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s MSN nursing education program helps students blend nursing knowledge and teaching knowledge to create an excellent teaching experience. The program focuses on different teaching methods so that students can educate people with all kinds of learning styles and backgrounds. This MSN is designed to turn passion for education into teaching skills for all kinds of settings.

UTRGV is a respected branch of the broader UT system. It’s a smaller school that lets students benefit from UT resources. This school has a thriving online education program, and it’s a top choice among many adult learners who have jobs, families, and other responsibilities that demand time and attention. UTRGV provides a great education at an affordable cost, removing educational barriers. The affordable nurse educator MSN program at UTRGV has been ranked as one of the best online programs, according to US News and World Report.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

9. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has an affordable nurse educator MSN program. In addition to teaching advanced nursing topics, this program also shows students how to create their own curriculums, evaluate existing curriculums, and use technology in their teaching methods. By the end of this program, students will be prepared to teach in several educational settings, including universities.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is one of only a few schools of its kind. This school is entirely dedicated to health. It includes top of the line research, healthcare for patients, and classroom education. This school is both challenging and innovative, creating a great environment to prepare nurses for career advances. TTUHSC has educated more than 28,000 healthcare professionals and serves an area of 2.75 million people.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

10. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University’s affordable nurse educator MSN program empowers students to teach their passion to others. This challenging program gets students ready to work in a variety of educational settings, so students can rest assured that they’ll be prepared for whatever their career brings their way after graduation. The program is primarily an online program. However, students do have to travel to campus for a one-day information session.

Texas A&M University is a well-known school that has garnered a lot of respect over the years. It thrives in the areas of healthcare, science, and technology, which is why it’s a top choice for a lot of nursing and nurse educator students. A&M’s school of nursing is especially dedicated to student success, giving students plenty of hands-on learning experiences. According to US News and World Report, Texas A&M is one of the top “Best Value Schools” in the US.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

11. Lamar University

Lamar University’s affordable nurse educator MSN program is as challenging as it is accessible. Students in this program deepen their own nursing knowledge as they learn how to teach challenging concepts to future nurses. This program teaches students how to prepare their own students for an evolving healthcare landscape, instilling the flexibility that they need to use the most appropriate teaching methods.

Lamar University blends quality and affordability so that students can get a great ROI. This highly diverse university provides excellence in education while supporting students as they move forward in their careers. Lamar is part of the Texas State University system, which has worldwide recognition and consistently provides low tuition fees. At Lamar, students receive hands-on learning that deepens their connection to the material.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

12. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers an affordable BSN-MSN program. This affordable nurse educator MSN uses a competency-based program that lets students move quickly through the subjects that they already know. They learn advanced nursing skills while also learning how to teach in various settings like universities, hospitals, and more. The program is online and lets students tailor their schedules based on their own needs.

WGU is a multi-state online university program designed for adults who need flexibility in their education. This school focuses primarily on business, health, technology, and education. Because nurse educator courses are at the intersection of health and education, WGU’s focal points come together nicely for nurse educator students. Programs are designed to be affordable, students receive one-on-one support from their teachers. WGU has a generous credit transfer policy that makes it easier for some students to earn their degrees faster.

Degree: BSN-MSN – Nursing Education

13. University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida’s affordable nurse educator MSN program provides a straightforward approach to education. The program itself is online, but it does require students to complete an internship in their own community. Students learn core competencies to teach for universities, healthcare agencies, or communities. UCF’s nurse educator MSN doesn’t require a GRE for entry, which removes some barriers for students.

UCF has no shortage of either quality or value. Students here are talented and dedicated. In fact, the average incoming freshman GPA is 4.17. This school is home to students who are driven to succeed, and there’s plenty of faculty support to help them reach their goals. Thanks to its Orlando location, UCF makes a great hub for networking and getting to know like-minded people. Overall, UCF blends opportunity and excellence. UCF is ranked as one of the top ten most innovative colleges.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Education

14. University of West Florida

The affordable nurse educator MSN from the University of West Florida is meant for working nurses. The program is online and delivered in an asynchronous way, so students can fit their classes into their schedules. In this program, students build on their existing nursing skills. They also learn how to build curriculums and develop lesson plans based on various teaching styles. By the time they graduate, nurses in this program are ready to teach in different settings.

UWF shines in a lot of areas, including its thriving online program. Students get a career-focused education with lots of faculty support to go with it. UWF is deeply committed to student success, so students won’t have trouble finding the resources that they need to excel in their classes. Even among other online programs, UWF Online is very flexible, which makes it ideal for a lot of busy adults. UWF is a military-friendly and veteran-friendly university.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

15. Indiana State University

Indiana State University offers an MSN with a concentration in nursing education. This program sharpens students’ existing nursing skills so that they can go deeper into their nursing careers. It also shows students some of the best practices for curriculum development, fostering learner enthusiasm, and other topics that will help them succeed as teachers. It’s an affordable nurse educator MSN program, too, so students can expect a good return on their educational investment.

ISU is a highly ranked school in terns of job plaement, social mobility, and other measurements of student success. It’s an affordable school, and students get a lot for their money. ISU is one of the nation’s leaders in research and innovation. Those who want the most cutting-edge and up to date education often count ISU as their first choice among colleges. ISU was ranked one of the best grad schools for nursing according to US News and World Report in 2019.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

16. University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington has an affordable nurse educator MSN program. This program focuses on innovation when it comes to both teaching and nursing. Additionally, students learn the core teaching skills that they’ll need to teach in universities, community colleges, and healthcare programs. With 39 credit hours required in the program, students can earn their degree in as few as 19 months.

The University of Texas at Arlington has several streamlined online programs that help students earn their degrees as quickly as possible. With its relatively low tuition rates and high quality of education, UT Arlington provides a great ROI. This school has earned recognitions across various educational categories. It’s fast-growing and innovative, which is why it appeals to a lot of science and health students. According to Military Times, UTA is ranked #1 in the nation for veterans and their families.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

17. University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi’s affordable nurse educator MSN prepares students to enter any number of jobs. The program recognizes that nurse educators are in high demand, and it gets students ready to fill in the gap once they graduate. This program is online but does require a few campus visits. It also requires a lot of practicum hours, which is perfect for those who want lots of hands-on experience in the field before they graduate.

The University of Mississippi has a long history of providing quality education, and it continues growing even to this day. As a matter of fact, it’s growing fast. It also has no shortage of innovation, both in teaching and in research. Ole Miss is the largest university in the state of Mississippi, and its medical school is well respected all around the world. The UMMC campus is home to four specialized hospitals, one of which is the only children’s hospital in the state of Mississippi.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

18. Liberty University

The affordable nurse educator MSN from Liberty University is designed for working nurses who want to pass their knowledge along to others. The program teaches the core competencies of education. It also helps students sharpen their own leadership, communication, and administrative skills so that they can step confidently into any teaching job after graduation. The program is fully online and very streamlined. Many students are able to graduate in one and a half years.

Liberty University is a well known Christian school that instills faith into all of its classes, including its online courses. Christian students who want to deepen their beliefs while receiving a great education often find themselves right at home here. Liberty also emphasizes service, helping students to find ways to use their talents to help other people. As a result, this school makes an appealing choice for Christian nurses, whose faith and careers both involve service. Grad School Hub ranked Liberty as the best online Masters in Nursing.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

19. East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University has an affordable nurse educator MSN program. It’s an MSN degree program with a concentration in Nurse Education. This program gets students ready to teach in one of several clinical specialties. For example, a student may focus on women’s health, psychiatric health, or another specialty. This challenging program helps students develop their skills in nursing, education, and research for a rounded yet focused approach to education.

ETSU is a large, diverse university that values innovation in action. ETSU students can count on receiving an up-to-date education that will serve them through graduation and beyond. ETSU is a well-respected university, especially in STEM, research, and healthcare. This school also fosters relationships, welcomes student questions, and provides the support that students need for success in college and grad school. ETSU is one of the largest universities in the state of Tennessee.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

20. Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University-IndianapolisIUPUI’s affordable nurse educator MSN program is available to distance learners. In this program, students learn how to become effective nurses and teachers. They study the best methods for creating a curriculum, reaching students from all different backgrounds, and using their communication skills effectively. The program uses up-to-date nursing and teaching research to impart the most relevant skills.

IUPUI is a quality, affordable school with a high-energy atmosphere. Thanks to its downtown Indianapolis location, many students get to jumpstart their careers with excellent networking opportunities. Generally, students who go to this school have great career outcomes. IUPUI helps students reach their goals by providing a focused and innovative approach to education. IUPUI is known for student engagement. In 2018, this school won the Indiana Campus Compact awarded IUPUI the Engaged Campus of the Year award.

Degree: MSN – Nursing Education

21. Ball State University

Ball State University offers an affordable nurse educator MSN program. The nurse educator concentration empowers students to plan, prepare, communicate, and educate. As these students deepen their own skills in the nursing field, they also learn how to impart those skills to other students in different settings. The program is completely online, so it’s a top choice among students who need a lot of flexibility in their studies.

Ball State University is a highly-ranked school that has gained a lot of respect in the midwest and beyond. It has some excellent academic programs as well as top-level research. BSU’s commitment to excellence extends to its online programs. Online courses don’t sacrifice quality, and they come with a competitive price tag. Much like its on-campus programs, Ball State’s online programs have earned great rankings. BSU has earned recognition as a military friendly university every year since 2009.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

22. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri offers an MSN Nurse educator program that blends advanced nursing knowledge with core teaching knowledge. It’s certainly an affordable nurse educator MSN, but it doesn’t skimp on the quality of education. Its teaching methods are up to date with the current research, and it helps students build their own curriculums and lesson plans based on that research. Participants learn how to reach students of different backgrounds and learning styles as they pass along their essential nursing knowledge.

The University of Missouri values academic excellence as well as respect and responsibility. UM values curiousity, and students who go to school here often take this curiosity into their lives after graduation. Students get to experience discovery, both in the classroom and as part of Missouri’s research programs. Here, students get an innovative education with lots of resources, and they get that education at an affordable rate. The Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri has top-ranked programs for online graduate education.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

23. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global has an affordable nurse educator MSN program. The nurse educator track is one of several concentrations available for Purdue’s MSN students. Classes are fully online, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Purdue Global has replaced its usual in-person skills intensive with a virtual experience, at least until April of 2021. No matter the location, Purdue Global provides in-depth nursing courses alongside the core teaching knowledge that nurse educators need. The program is designed to help nurses reach their goals and advance their career opportunities.

Purdue Global is the online branch of Purdue University. It provides affordable online courses with the same rigor and quality as their on-campus courses. Purdue Global is designed specifically for working adults, so students can feel right at home alongside their cohorts. These programs combine instructor learning with peer-to-peer collaboration, so students receive a well-rounded learning experience. 97% of Purdue Master’s degree students are currently employed.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

24. Cedarville University

Cedarville University’s affordable nurse educator MSN program provides a unique blend of faith and science. The program is evidence-based and taught by talented Christian educators who are also passionate about nursing. This MSN program is entirely online. As program participants expand their nursing skills, they also enhance their educational abilities, gaining the skills that they need to become leaders in the field.

Cedarville University is a Christian school that includes Bible-based teachings as part of every course. This school fosters a sense of community, even among online learning cohorts. Professors and students get to know one another throughout the learning process, and students can talk to their professors for academic support or for spiritual guidance. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cedarville University ranks among the top 5 schools for professor engagement with students.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

25. Ohio University

Ohio University’s affordable nurse educator MSN takes six semesters to complete. The program is online, but it does require a practicum experience that students can complete in locations that are close to their own homes. This MSN is just as evidence-based in its approach to teaching as it is in its approach to nursing. Through this program, students can become excellent leaders and communicators, whether they educate current nurses, future nurses, or patients.

Ohio University is an innovative and affordable school with excellent teaching and research. This school has several campuses and a thriving online learning community. No matter the location, Ohio University provides quality education without an exorbitant price tag. Students benefit from innovation and time-tested teaching methods. Teachers are deeply invested in student success. Ohio University was named the state’s best online university.

Degree: MSN – Nurse Educator

How Do I Save Money on a Nurse Educator MSN Program?

If all the schools still seem pricey, a person may take the necessary steps to make even the cheapest masters nursing education program cheaper. One way is to apply for grants. You also apply for scholarships. Both of these options provide you with money that you don’t have to pay back unless you don’t complete your program.

Additionally, if a person wants to save money on a nurse educator program, he or she may look into employer reimbursement. Some employers will provide an individual with partial funding for his or her degree program, once he or she completes it. A person will have to work for the company while he or she attends school, usually, and the employer will often implement a stipulation that the company will only cover the education if he or she works for the company for a designated time after he or she graduates.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Nurse Educator?

Before a person can become a nurse educator, he or she has to first earn his or her registered nursing license, which may be done by completing either a bachelor’s or an associate degree in nursing. Then, he or she has to take the NCLEX-RN to earn his or her license. Once he or she has an RN license, he or she will need to practice as a nurse for a certain length of time before he or she can earn his or her master’s degree. Those are just some of the nurse educator requirements.

In addition to those nurse educator education requirements, a person will also need to earn a master’s degree, either in nursing or in nurse education. While these nurse requirements are enough for a person to become a nurse educator, most universities would prefer that a person has a doctorate to teach nursing. However, the nurse educator requirements of just having a master’s degree can still get a person a job.

As mentioned above not every college will hire a person who only has a master’s degree in nurse education. Therefore, a person may want to consider that the nurse educator education requirements are usually a doctorate. Once a person meets all of these nurse educator requirements, he or she may then earn a doctorate. A doctorate is the minimum nurse educator education requirements for most colleges. A person who wants to earn a doctor as part of the requirements for a nurse educator may earn either a Ph.D. or a DNP.

Keep in mind that after a person meets the educational requirements for a nurse educator, he or she isn’t done with all of the requirements to be a nurse educator. After the educational requirements for a nurse educator, a nurse educator will also need to earn a certification. As one of the requirements to be a nurse educator, this certification demonstrates that a person is capable of teaching nursing.

The clinic nurse educator requirements are the same. If a person chooses to meet all of the clinical nurse educator requirements, he or she can teach future nurses in a clinical setting.

Nurse educators can offer specialized classes as well. They can teach classes for nurses who wish to work in oncology, pediatrics, emergency, and many other types of medical care. When a nurse transitions into an educator, they are capable of providing insight that someone who has not worked in the field may not have. This gives students the opportunity to learn from a professional in their field.

What if I Have an MSN and Want to Become a Nurse Educator?

If a person already has an MSN, a person may choose to complete a nurse educator certificate online program. The nurse educator certificate online program will give the person the skills he or she needs and the certification to practice as a nurse educator. Online nurse educator certificate programs are shorter than a degree program, and a person can complete the course while still working as a nurse.

Besides considering online nurse educator certificate programs, a nurse may also want to consider earning a doctorate and then receiving his or her certification. The number of career opportunities will increase.

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