What are the Best MSN Nursing Educator Jobs?

MSN nursing educator jobs are in-demand and salaries vary from the geographic area as well as industry sector of employment. If you have been considering following a career path that includes a graduate degree in nursing education, you have likely asked yourself the following questions.

  • What can I do with an MSN in Nursing Education, and how long will it take to finish my degree?
  • Also, what can I do with a master’s in nursing education in the world of academia?

So, if you are still refining your answers as to – What can you do with an MSN in nursing education? – read further into the narrative to learn the many options available for those qualified to apply for MSN nurse educator jobs.

Types of Nursing Educator Jobs

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Jobs for nurse educators generally fall into two main categories within the field of nursing education. And these nursing educator jobs in both academic and clinical settings are available as follows.

  • Jobs for nursing educators are available in academic settings that include working at a university or also college training nursing students.
  • Jobs for nurse educators are also available in clinical settings as they seek to teach using real-world patient care circumstances.

While each nursing educator’s job offers unique responsibilities and duties, the education path to obtaining the required education is about the same.

Jobs for Nurse Educators in Academic Settings

Jobs for nurse educators as nurse instructors in academic settings include training student nurses using a variety of classroom tools, like lectures, workshops, and also labs. Many nurse educators eventually hold a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.).

Jobs for Nurse Educators in Clinical Settings

Nursing educators’ jobs in clinical settings include clinical nurse instructors who train nursing students in a teaching hospital or also other clinical settings. As a clinical nurse educator, you will often be responsible for teaching continuing education as well as clinically educating those healthcare professionals in the clinical setting in which you are employed.

Clinical nurse educators are a critical part of improving each healthcare facility. So, they ultimately enhance a patient’s care and reduce the risk to patients and healthcare professionals.

MSN Nurse Educator Jobs with a Mix of Clinical and Academic Responsibilities

Certain nursing educator positions offer a diverse set of responsibilities as a nurse educator, may teach both academically and in clinical settings, depending on the needs of the organization. Additionally, many nurse instructors pick up part-time teaching work to keep their skills sharp and to share new clinical and technological nursing advancements with students studying for their nursing degrees.

A nursing educator’s job may include any number of the following responsibilities.

  • Designing a curriculum to meet the licensing requirements of the state.
  • Preparing lectures and also interesting workshop topics.
  • Supervising clinical education completed in labs.
  • Offering feedback to students as they learn to work professionally with patients.
  • Supervising nursing student internships, practicums, and also research projects.
  • Assisting students in their studies and research.
  • Reviewing student performance at crucial intervals.

Nursing Educator Jobs by Industry

In 2019, there were nearly 60,000 nurse educators employed in the United States. Moreover, the industries offering the highest level of jobs for nurse educators are listed below.

Industry or SectorNumber Employed as Nursing EducatorsSalaries
Schools, Colleges, Universities34,310$83,240 per year
Junior Colleges17,840$75,430 per year
Medical & Surgical Hospitals4,230$121,180 per year
Trade/Technical Schools2,280$73,100 per year
Business & Computer Training Schools340$86,720 per year
Nursing Educator Jobs by Industry

Nursing Educator Jobs Highest Level of Work by State

The states offering the highest level of jobs for nurse educators are listed below.

State or TerritoryNumber Employed as Nursing EducatorsSalaries
New York5,030$97,750 per year
Texas4,310$66,190 per year
California3,970$101,930 per year
Pennsylvania3,420$81,760 per year
Ohio3,410$79,360  per year
Nursing Educator Jobs by State

Salary Statistics for Jobs for Nursing Educators by Area

According to data obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, nursing educators have a median annual income of $74,600. Geographically, the top paying states for jobs for nursing educators are listed below.

State or TerritorySalaries for Nursing Educators
District of Columbia$157,560 per year
Florida$122,050  per year
California$101,930  per year
New York$ 97,750  per year
Connecticut$ 97,350  per year
Nursing Educator Salary by State

Geographically, the top-paying metropolitan areas for jobs for nursing educators are shown below.

Metropolitan AreaSalaries for Nursing Educators
DC – VA – MD – WV$120,980  per year
Rochester, NY$108,480  per year
New Haven, CT$107,320  per year
LA, Long Beach, Anaheim$106,740  per year
Sacramento – Roseville – Arden, CA$104,430 per year
Nursing Educator Salary by Metropolitan Area