What is the Job Availability with a Nursing Degree?

Job availability with a nursing degree is stable since nursing is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country. In today’s world, just about everyone advises students to go where the jobs are and choose a field of study that is in demand.

The healthcare field has especially shown promise, including nursing. As a result, many young adults and adults considering a new career path are putting serious thought into earning a degree in nursing. First, however, they want to know if the jobs will be waiting for them upon completion.

Is It Hard To Find A Job After Nursing School? 

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Nursing is an in-demand job, which means that nursing graduates can reasonably expect to find a job shortly after graduation. However, like any job search, the process takes time. The good news is that there’s no shortage of available positions. The employment rate for Registered Nurses is growing at a 9% rate, which is about as fast as average. However, the employment rate for Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners will grow by about 45% in the next ten years!

With a high demand for nurses, why do some graduates still struggle in the job search? Many new nurses struggle because of a lack of experience. Some nursing jobs require several years of experience from applicants. That’s why many new nurses deal with the classic job-seeker’s problem: You need the experience to get a job, but to gain experience, you need a job. 

How can you deal with this struggle as a new nurse? First, you should see if your nursing program has partnerships with local hospitals or other healthcare clinics. Sometimes, healthcare facilities partner with local nursing schools to fill in employment gaps. 

You might also look for jobs in the places where you did your clinical hours. This option can give you an advantage because other people at those locations may vouch for you. In this case, you may have a much easier interview and application process. 

Can You Get A Job With A Nursing Degree?

Yes, you can absolutely get a job with a nursing degree. The US has been experiencing a nursing shortage for over a decade. That shortage will probably continue through 2030. That’s because many nurses have reached retirement age. The retiring nurses outnumber new nurses, which leaves hospitals in a difficult spot. Some hospitals, particularly rural hospitals, have felt this struggle more than others. While this shortage has created a challenging situation, to say the least, it has given some advantages to new nurses who are seeking jobs. 

Now, some nursing jobs do require more than RN certification. For example, nurse anesthetists and nurse specialists need specific degrees. In addition, some high-ranking nursing jobs require a BSN. Still, you should find plenty of available jobs for RNs. And if you do decide to seek more education, you can qualify for more jobs in the future. 

What Jobs Can You Get if You Study Nursing?

Nursing majors have a lot of possibilities after graduation. Generally, RNs work in hospitals, healthcare clinics, and nursing homes. But they can seek other careers, too. For example, some RNs go into travel nursing. Travel nursing programs help fill the gap left by the nursing shortage. They put nurses in the places that need nurses the most. Instead of staying in one job for years at a time, travel nurses take temporary assignments all over the US. Job assignments last for several weeks at a time.

After one position, the travel nurse moves on to a new one. This option appeals to adventurous nurses who want to explore the country. Travel nursing programs usually cover housing and sometimes come with other benefits. 

Aside from travel nursing or working in a hospital, what else can nurses do? You might work in a variety of places. Lots of locations need nurses. For example, you might become a school nurse or a camp nurse. 

What Happens After Completing a Nursing Degree?

Once you finish your nursing degree, you should be eligible to take the NCLEX exam. Passing the exam makes a candidate eligible to apply for a nursing license. Then after you obtain a license, you can get a job as a registered nurse. After that, you might line up a new job through your school’s nursing program. You can also check nursing job boards. 

Another possibility after you complete your nursing degree is to seek further education. For example, if you have an associate’s degree, you might choose an RN to BSN program. With a BSN, you can qualify for higher-paying jobs. And, if you have a master’s degree or doctorate in nursing, you are eligible for even better jobs.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Nursing Job after Graduation?

How soon do nurses get jobs after graduating? Nursing forums have different answers. Those answers range from “right after graduation” to “six months after graduation.” The answer can depend on a lot of things, including location. 

Many nursing students find a job quickly by applying 3 to 4 months before graduation. Nursing applications can take several months to process. If you register early, you may find work shortly after taking the NCLEX exam. By the time you do take the exam and get your license, you may start to get calls for interviews. 

It is also a good idea to start preparing for interviews early. This way, the interview process won’t seem so daunting. Look at some online nursing communities to find out what kind of questions you should expect. You should also be prepared for a criminal background check when you take your NCLEX exam and apply for jobs.