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Will there be jobs available when I finish my nursing degree?

It has been a time of economic upheaval. In today’s world, students are advised to go where the jobs are, choosing fields of study that are in demand. The healthcare field has especially shown promise, including nursing. Many young adults, as well as adults considering a new career path, are putting serious thought into earning a degree in nursing. However, they want to know if the jobs will be waiting for them upon completion.

Nursing is booming
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the way to go for anyone who is serious about the medical field. This is one area that is expected to explode with job opportunities in the next decade. Trends suggest that there will be over half of a million jobs opening up within the next five years. Registered nurses and those who specialize in a particular area should be able to write their ticket.

There are many options for nurses
Nursing, unlike other professions, allows individuals to choose a variety of settings. There are a range of positions available in hospitals, including head nurses, nurses devoted to pediatrics, nurses for the maternity ward, and emergency room staff. Nurses can work in clinics and private practices. Nursing homes are always in search of nurses to supplement their staff. School districts have nurses on board as well. There are also opportunities to be traveling nurses who visit patients in the home and across the globe.

Nurses have flexibility
Another great advantage to the nursing field is the flexibility to find jobs in any location. Large cities offer the most opportunities for any type of job. However, any nursing graduate should be able to find work. If a spouse’s career relocates, nurses should have no problem landing a new job. Nursing allows people to journey to their dream location with the assurance that jobs will be waiting for them.

Nursing has great perks
There are many benefits that come with a career in nursing. Depending on the area of specialty, nurses can make respectable salaries. Nurses in managerial positions will especially reap the rewards of high pay. Many employers offer excellent sign-on bonuses as an incentive to acquire highly qualified staff members. Nurses can expect to have good insurance and retirement packages as well. There is also the opportunity to make more money by taking overtime or shifts at night. Individuals who are willing to go the extra mile will be rewarded for their efforts when it comes to the field of nursing.

Nursing is rewarding
As students give serious thought to nursing, they can be reassured that jobs will be waiting for them. They will also go above and beyond so many other careers by devoting themselves to the care of others. Nursing is truly satisfying, worth all of the hard work that pays off by making life better for others. Nurses save lives, give comfort, and help patients through difficult times. There will always be a need for nurses.

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