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Nursing in Minnesota

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Job Outlook in the Nursing Profession in Minnesota

Employers in some parts of the nation are having a hard time attracting and retaining qualified registered nurses. The emphasis on preventative care, electronic medical records, and technological advances create a greater need for trained nurses.

Job growth is expected to increase by as much as 26% in the coming years. Insurance companies are pushing for shorter hospital stays for patients, so many patients are having to get procedures done on an out-patient basis. Some may have to have some home health care after these procedures, so registered nurses are needed to perform these duties.

There is competition in the field. Positions that have regular hours are highly desirable, and the nurses with seniority usually are able to get these positions if they have the right credentials and good experience.

Financing a Nursing Degree in Minnesota

If nursing is the field for you, the first step is getting a college education. There are many excellent schools across the nation that offer superior nursing programs, but there is a high price tag attached to many of these programs. Recently, many community colleges are offering nursing programs that are competitive. These programs are high quality and prepare nurses for a successful career in the field.

Once you choose a school, the issue of money must be handled. Those with lower incomes may qualify for some grants from the federal government. These grants can substantially ease some of the burden of the costs of college. You may have to string together several forms of financial aid to pay for your education, but the effort is definitely worth getting your nursing degree.

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