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Top 10 Must See TED Talks on Nursing

“A Broken Body isn’t a Broken Person”

  • Janine Shepherd, who recovered from a horrific bicycle accident, talks about the human potential for recovery. Watch this, her message of perseverance is inspiring.
  • “Can We Domesticate Germs?”

  • “I want to talk about diarrhea.” Paul Ewald discusses ways to minimize the effectiveness of germs
  • “The Wireless Future of Medicine”

  • The Stethoscope: Extinct Technology? Eric Topol discusses new wireless gadgets that are changing the traditional role of the nurse.
  • “How We Read Each Others’ Minds”

  • Rebecca Saxe – “I’m going to talk to you about the problem of other minds.”
  • “The Universal Anesthesia Machine”

  • Erica Frenkel talks about the importance of having the proper anesthesia equipment in the operating room
  • “The Next Species of Human”

  • Juan Enriquez
  • “Take Healthcare Off the Mainframe”

  • Eric Dishman talks about the downfalls of our current healthcare networking system and what we need to do to fix it.
  • “Let’s Talk About Dying”

  • Dr. Peter Saul discusses dying in the 21st century
  • “Experiments That Hint of Longer Lives”

  • Cynthia Kenyon discusses the genetic factors that lead to longer youthful life.
  • “What Hallucination Reveals About Our Mind”

  • Oliver Sacks discusses hallucinations in visually impaired people, and the biology associated with them.
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