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What are the best nursing jobs for military veterans?

Military veterans often gain valuable health care experience while serving in the armed forces, especially those who provided care to soldiers overseas in areas of conflict. These individuals are able to transfer their valuable health care and personal abilities, such as teamwork, dependability, and detail-orientation, into nursing careers. In fact, various organizations and institutions of higher learning are establishing partnerships with the armed forces to help veterans transition into nursing careers. Discussed below are the most favorable nursing jobs for military veterans, based on how closely the specialties relate to previous military experience.

Emergency/Trauma Nurse
Emergency/trauma nurses provide fast care to individuals suffering from potentially life-threatening conditions. They are experts in quickly assessing patients and providing stabilizing medical treatment. They have a solid understanding of a wide variety of medical conditions and think fast on their feet in stressful situations. Emergency/trauma nurses must have the ability to prioritize patients based on the urgency of their medical condition. They must accurately evaluate patients, identify the medical condition, check vital signs, record medical history, and document current medications or any allergies. Emergency/trauma nurses mostly work in hospitals, but some also work at crisis intervention centers, prisons, and other related employers. Working as an emergency/trauma is a good transition for veterans who have previous experience working in fast-paced environments caring for individuals suffering from serious injuries or medical conditions.

Flight/Transport Nurse
Flight/transport nurses provide medical care to patients who are in the process of transferring to a medical facility via ambulance, helicopter, or other related vehicle. They quickly assess a patient’s medical condition and provide adequate care until the patient arrives at the medical center. They administer medication, perform minor operations, operate medical machinery, and maintain the safety of patients. Flight/transport nurses perform various duties, including responding to motor vehicle accidents, assisting people who are trapped in structures, and rescuing those involved in natural disasters. A flight/transport nurse is a great job for veterans who have prior experience performing medical job duties while in transport, working in nontraditional settings, and providing care to victims of various types of disasters.

Veterans Affairs Nurse
Veterans Affairs nurses provide care to fellow veterans, and make sure they receive the best medical treatment conceivable. They treat various medical conditions, including those common for veterans, like post-traumatic stress disorder, obesity, and diabetes. They often dress wounds and try to increase self-confidence. They also provide support to military medical centers. They work in a wide variety of departments, such as acute care, critical care, mental health, and rehabilitation. Veterans Affairs nurses work at VA medical facilities around the nation, such as VA hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and resident-based primary care programs. Working as a Veterans Affairs nurses is a great choice for military veterans because they have the ability to work with individuals who have went through similar experiences and these nurses have a better understanding compared to nurses who have no prior military experiences.

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