How Do I Become A Specialized Nurse?

How do I become a specialized nurse is a question many new and career nurses ask. So, below are articles listed by career for you to explore.

How Do I Become A Specialized Nurse?

There are many specializations for nurses with every level of education. And, most nurses earn advanced degrees or certificates to learn these roles. However, the location of the job or the specific skills needs to perform the job are also important.

What Does A Specialized Nurse Do?

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If you are unsure about what these nurses do on a daily basis, then check out one of the articles below for information on the job description.

Can I Increase My Salary if I Become A Specialized Nurse?

According to the May 2021 data from the BLS, registered nurses (RNs) also earn an average annual salary of $77,600. However, nursing assistants make around $30,290. Furthermore, the salary for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) is $48,070. However, Nurse Practitioners, Anesthetists, and Midwives make considerably more with an average salary of $123,780. So, as nurses gain skills and education, salaries also increase.