10 Best Oregon Nursing Schools

10 Best Oregon Nursing Schools

The best Oregon nursing schools offer a variety of programs for new nurses and working nurses interested in career advancement. If you are considering nursing school, you will be engaged in an exciting, fast-paced career that will always be in demand. Before your sign up for nursing school, you will need to make sure that you will be attending one of the many accredited nursing schools in Oregon. This is important because many people in the healthcare industry go back to continue their education to elevate their careers at a later time. Finding out that credits cannot be transferred would mean the student would have to take supplemental courses to fill in the gaps for credits that were not transferable.

That is why finding the best nursing school in Oregon is important. They will show you the classes needed and make sure that each credit earned can be transferred in case the student moves to another state and wishes to take the state board tests required to practice in that state. So, choosing a great accredited school should be the first item on the list to check off, before signing up for classes.

How We Ranked the Best Nursing Programs in Oregon

Featured Programs

The editors at Nursing School Hub want prospective students to know their work will pay off, so we feature only accredited, reputable institutions in our ranking. Programs have been ranked with current IPEDS and Niche data, including student satisfaction, tuition cost, and salary potential. 

1. University of Portland

The University of Portland offers many of the best nursing programs in Oregon. Students receive the training they need to take on almost any job within the field of nursing. There are many specializations they can choose from ranging from the direct care of patients to trauma care that allows them to work in the emergency room as well as in the field. Students attend their nursing classes on campus and have access to all of the school’s resources and learning tools.

The University of Portland’s nursing degree programs is held on campus and offer students an opportunity to interact directly with faculty members and staff. Every student receives the highest quality education possible to ensure they are capable of handling all of the demands that come with being a nurse. The university offers award-winning, accredited nursing programs that have been developed to provide every possible advantage the student will need once they graduate. Faculty members have also been recognized by their peers for their commitment to their students.

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2. George Fox University

George Fox University provides students with the best nursing programs in Oregon. Each student has access to both online and campus courses that provide them with the information and skills they need to be successful in the field of nursing. Students can choose from a variety of specializations that will allow them to pursue whatever career path they want. Both online and campus degree programs are available so students can choose whichever learning environment is best for them. Both online and campus learning options offer the same high-quality coursework and resources.

George Fox University is one of Oregon’s most popular schools for students who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Professional faculty members go above and beyond to make sure each student has everything they need to successfully complete their degree program. The university is well-known for its resources and its ability to help students reach their career goals. Whether the student chooses to attend school on campus or online, they are able to take advantage of every opportunity the school has to offer.

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3. Bushnell University

Bushnell University offers students the best nursing programs in Oregon that are taught in a faith-based environment. Students are able to receive the skills they need to work within the field of nursing in a wide range of positions. They are given the problem-solving skills they need to offer the highest level of patient care as well as work hand in hand with physicians. Online degree programs allow the student to begin working prior to graduation so they can start to apply what they are learning in class.

Bushnell University is one of Oregon’s most respected, private Christian schools. The university is well-known for its exceptional degree program and the quality resources that are offered to each student. Faculty members are above reproach and stand beside their students offering guidance and support that will help them make it through every challenge. Graduates are able to establish themselves as professionals in their field immediately after graduation.

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4. Sumner College

Sumner College gives students an opportunity to attend the best nursing programs in Oregon. Classes are held on campus and offer students every learning opportunity possible. Skills are taught that ensure each student is fully prepared to work within the nursing field in whatever capacity they choose. They are taught leadership skills as well as how to work through the many challenges that nurses often face. By attending school on campus, students are able to interact directly with their instructors and other classmates.

Sumner College has been a popular choice for nursing students in Oregon for many years. Classes are somewhat smaller than normal and provide students with the one-on-one attention that many prefer. Students also have access to the school’s vast number of educational resources. Faculty members at the school take great pride in watching their students grow into the professionals they know they can be. After graduation, students are able to take what they have learned and move forward with their careers.

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5. Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University offers students many of the best nursing programs in Oregon. Because the school is highly focused on research, students are given the opportunity to explore a vast range of health and science fields. Nursing students are able to learn the skills they need to work with patients offering direct care as well as patients who are involved in medical studies. The university offers students both on-campus and online options to maximize their growth and learning potential.

Oregon Health & Science University is affiliated with two local hospitals so it can provide each student with many opportunities for learning that other schools may not. As a research facility, the university gives students a chance to learn about every aspect of the health and medical field. Faculty members make themselves available to students for both support and encouragement. Students who choose this university are guaranteed to receive the highest quality education possible.

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6. Walla Walla University Portland

Walla Walla University-Portland offers students the best nursing programs in Oregon. From the advanced skills to the on-campus resources, students are able to pursue their educational goals on every possible level. The university’s on-campus nursing degree programs are designed to offer students every advantage. The on-campus environment at the school allows students to have quality one-on-one time with their instructors in an environment that is most beneficial for learning and working toward their goals.

Walla Walla University-Portland has been recognized as one of the best nursing schools in the Pacific Northwest. Students who attend the university can expect degree programs that are well-known for their academic excellence as well as having access to accomplished faculty members with many years of experience. Every student who chooses the university can graduate with the confidence they need to go directly into the workforce and begin to focus on their career.

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7. Portland Community College

Portland Community College offers the best nursing programs in Oregon that are taught in a campus setting. Students are able to learn all of the necessary skills, techniques, and abilities that they will need to be proficient as a nurse or in another similar profession. Every student has the opportunity to excel in their chosen career field. Students who are able to take their classes on campus enjoy a smaller class size and more one-on-one time with their instructors. There is also a large selection of on-campus resources available.

Portland Community College has the ability to offer the highest quality nursing degree programs available to students who are interested in smaller class sizes and a positive learning environment. As a community college, the school is able to offer more affordable degree programs and resources that much larger schools may not. Students can work face to face with faculty members when it comes to dealing with common challenges and obstacles that many faces while in college.

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8. Treasure Valley Community College

Treasure Valley Community College gives students an opportunity to attend some of the best nursing programs in Oregon that are affordable and of the highest quality. Students receive every skill they need in order to become a professional in the field of nursing. By taking their courses on campus, they are able to take advantage of many opportunities that online students may miss out on. The school’s library is one of the best in the area and is a great place for studying with friends.

Treasure Valley Community College offers degree programs that are technologically advanced. Students who attend class on campus have access to the library, faculty members, and many other valuable resources they can rely on to help them get the most out of their college education. Students look to the faculty and staff for guidance and support. By being able to communicate with them in person, they are able to develop a connection they can trust.

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9. Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College offers students the best nursing programs in Oregon. As a community college that is open to the public, students from almost every area can attend class on campus and get the education they deserve. Students learn all of the required skills they will need to be able to perform their duties. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the many different specializations that can be found in the field of nursing. Attending classes on campus offers them a hands-on learning experience they can enjoy.

Chemeketa Community College offers award-winning degree programs that allow students to pursue their nursing degrees in confidence. Class sizes are small and give students an opportunity to learn in an environment where they feel both valued and supported. Faculty members are professionals with years of experience they can draw from when teaching the students. As a graduate of the college, students are able to take the next steps in building their nursing careers.

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10. Linfield College

Linfield College offers the best nursing programs in Oregon for both online and campus learning opportunities. Students enjoy the opportunity of being able to pursue their nursing degree in either a classroom setting or through an online learning platform. Being given this option makes it easier for some students who are already employed to get the education they need to move forward in their careers. Both learning platforms offer students the same quality education they can rely on to further their career goals.

Linfield College is considered to be one of the best schools in the area for offering its students quality educational programs at an affordable price. Students have access to both classroom programs as well as online learning platforms. They are able to take advantage of the school’s valuable resources and also connect with faculty members whenever the need arises. Every student is able to feel confident that the education they receive will provide them with what they need for the future.

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What is the Job Market for Nurses in Oregon?

The need for nurses in Oregon is huge! According to the Oregon Employment Department and the Oregon Center For Nursing, the need for registered nurses in the state of Oregon continues to climb. And for those looking for a well-paying career, becoming a registered nurse may be your answer.

For those who complete their RN degree, they may earn a median wage of around $80,000, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, nursing jobs in Oregon are plentiful. There are ample opportunities to move up in your career so those that are in nurse jobs in Oregon currently, may pursue their education and pursue nurse practitioner jobs in Oregon or even travel nurse jobs in Oregon to meet the demand.

In a recent report, “Characteristics of the Nursing Workforce in Oregon,” by the Oregon Center for Nursing, nurses make up the biggest share of healthcare workers in the state, so nursing is considered an economic driver. The report states that Oregon may experience a large nursing shortage by 2025. Some of the reasons include:

  • An aging population in the state
  • Aging healthcare workers that are entering retirement
  • Need for more nurse faculty to teach those in nursing programs
  • Changes to healthcare reform laws in Oregon
  • Those with an active license are not practicing

Where Do Nurses Work in Oregon?

Many would think that because nurse practitioner jobs in Oregon or nursing jobs in Oregon are plentiful, those that have their license would be happy to enter the workforce. This is, unfortunately, not the case. Only about 80% of registered nurses are practicing. The Public Use Nursing Workforce Data File, 2016, found that of the 51,926 registered nurses with active licenses, only 41,105 of them were practicing.

Nursing can be a very diverse career choice as there are many different facilities and locations those that choose a career in nursing can explore. Here are some options for nursing jobs in Oregon:

  • Hospitals: 55%
  • Office/clinic: 10%
  • Home healthcare/hospice: 6%
  • Skilled nursing facility or long term care facility: 4%
  • Ambulatory surgical center: 3%
  • Community health: 25%
  • Other locations: 20%

As you can see, there are plenty of nursing jobs in Oregon and many nurse practitioner jobs in Oregon as well.

Travel Nurse Jobs in Oregon

One other area that many are exploring is travel nurse jobs in Oregon. A recent article in Medical Solutions Magazine, states that Oregon has around 65 hospitals, many of which are ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News & World Report. Many travel nurses are attracted to temporary travel nurse jobs in Oregon because of the many things to do, temperature, and the demand for qualified nurses.

Travel nurses are compensated well. They can make several thousand dollars per week and usually have transportation, housing, and meals paid for. Those that enjoy traveling may be well-suited for travel nurse jobs in Oregon.

How Much Do Nurses Make in Oregon?

Because of the demand for those in the nursing and healthcare fields, nurse salaries in Oregon tend to be higher than in other parts of the U.S. The nursing salary in Oregon fluctuates from area to area.

Here is an example:

  • In highly populated areas like Bend, Redmond, Eugene, Medford, Salem, and Portland, salaries hover between $84,000 to around $91,000
  • In less populated areas like Grants Pass, Albany, Corvallis, and other non-metropolitan areas, salaries are between $76,000 to $84,000.

Indeed.com states that the average nursing Salary in Oregon is around $30.47 per hour with overtime of nearly $10,000 per year. This means the average nurse salary in Oregon is around the mid $70s. The average nurse salary in Oregon for nurse practitioners is around $103,276.

The starting salary for nurses in Oregon is at one of the highest levels found in the U.S. since the demand is very high in the state and increasing all the time.