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Nursing in Florida

The state of Florida is popular for many reasons, including its year-round summer weather and beautiful coastlines. Flanked by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Florida offers over 600 miles of beaches and is a popular destination for tourists.

With its lower-than-average cost of living, Florida is the fourth most populous state in the country. The capital is Tallahassee, located in north Florida, but Orlando and Miami take up most of the spotlight with their thriving urban areas and tourist appeal.

Nursing Outlook

The job outlook for nurses in Florida is expected to follow national trends in the future. Florida has placed in the top 5 for nursing employment in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that there is a large population elderly people requiring constant medical attention, which creates jobs all across the state.

Financial Help

There are many state-specific organizations offering scholarships and financial aid to nurses and nursing students in the state of Florida.
The Florida Nurses Association (FNA) is responsible for establishing a large amount of the nursing scholarships available in Florida.

These are just a few of the many FNA scholarships:

  • The Agnes Naughton RN-BSN Fund
  • Charlotte Liddell Scholarship Fund
  • Evelyn Baxter Memorial Fund
  • Erma B. Kraft Scholarship Fund
  • Connie Dorry Memorial Fund
  • Mary York Scholarship Fund
  • Great 100 Nursing Scholarship

Keep in mind, this article lists only a few among hundreds of nursing scholarship opportunities in the state of Florida. Depending on financial status, universities provide their own program-specific scholarships and financial aid. This is worth researching once getting accepted into a program because money is definitely there to be given to the right students. For future reference, Discover Nursing is a company aimed to help doctors, nurses, families, and students that offers a large database for exploring possible national and state-specific scholarships. Florida is always growing, in all aspects, and the need for nurses is very present in today’s society.

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