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Nursing in Tennessee

A Nursing Career in the Beautiful State of Tennessee

The rolling hills of Tennessee are truly something to behold. This state has exquisite natural beauty. The mountains, lakes, and gorgeous landscape. The Smoky Mountains are a favorite tourist attraction for many. Dolly Wood is another attraction that has something for both the young and old.

Country music fans will absolutely enjoy Tennessee. Gospel music fans and blues fans will also find many clubs and other venues that showcase spectacular music. Tennessee doesn’t leave out the foodies. If you enjoy delicious Southern cuisine, you can get some of the best soul food and barbecue around.

Job Outlook in the Nursing Profession in Tennessee

Tennessee population is quickly approaching 7 million people. The income tax laws make this state an attractive state to individuals and corporations. As the population continues to grow, the need for qualified nurses increases. According to the Bureau of Labor, the nursing field will have substantial growth in Tennessee in the next 7-10 years.

Technological advancements in medicine and the emphasis on preventing disease and illness makes the need for nurses even greater. The large number of older Americans exiting the workforce are in need of more medical care. These senior Americans are also known as baby boomers. Preventative medicine is responsible for helping these retired Americans live longer and healthier lives.

Financing a Nursing Degree in Tennessee

College costs are increasing every year. Many people think that the dream of obtaining a college degree is out of their reach, but there is hope. Millions of dollars are available each year for higher education, but many prospective students are not aware of this. Many of these dollars are available through private agencies and private corporations.

Federal financial aid can be a source of funds to pay for your education. These funds can at least decrease the financial burden of getting a nursing degree. The government offers grants that are available to those prospective students that meet income requirements. The first step in finding out if you qualify is completing a FAFSA application. This application will include questions that will help the government determine if you are eligible for financial aid.

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